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Yin and Yang: The Alchemical Marriage

Ying and Yang represents the true bonding of the masculine and feminine into one complete symbol. Opposite, but equal this integration provides the perfect counterpoint to the duality we perceive. Each of us embodies these polarities. There can be no light without the dark; no warmth without the cold; no joy without despair. Many discussions of Yin and Yang concentrate exclusively on these polarities. For each concept there must be an equal but opposite element. These discussions miss the glaringly obvious integration of these two elements. While it is true that we must have a balancing opposing force, it is equally true that the opposing force also resides within. This fact is beautifully illustrated in the Yin and Yang symbol. Not only do the opposing tear drops nest together in perfect harmony, but each one contains within it an element of the other. It is this integration that we must come to recognize. The light contains an element of the dark. The rigid contains an element of softness. Goodness contains an element of wickedness. These elements are not really as we perceive them; they are one and the same. Ying and Yang is about being able to integrate these opposites and bring them into balance.

Think of the following question: How do you know when it is light? Isn't it because of the shadows that are created by objects when light shines on them? In the darkness isn't there always a bit of light that is created? The moonlight glows on the surface of the earth as does the starlight. There is never full light or full dark. There is always an element of each within the other.

I remember in a psychology class in college my professor would run these exercises where she would make us break into groups and come up with answers to these open ended questions about emotionally charged situations. During these exercises, I would always have the thought 'this is a gray area.' At the time I started thinking there was no such thing as a black or white answer to any question, but only infinite shades of gray.

The extremism of either polarity is what we are being encouraged to let go of now. To bring temperance, balance, and healing by seeing and acknowledging the gray areas. By seeing there is light in the darkness and darkness in the light, there always has been. The time is now to more evenly balance what has been without balance for so long. The Alchemist is someone who combines elements to create something better, to transform it. Understand that we are being called upon to embrace this roll now. We are capable of this transformation, but we must be adaptable, agile, and able to see all the colors, not just the two dominant ones.

Oracle Card Credit:

*The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle by Amanda Ellis

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