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Black Moon Lilith: Embracing Your Wildness and Reigniting Your Sacred Flame

26 May 2024

     Lilith came to me back in January, deep in the dark of winter.  She was never an energy that I thought I would work with, associated with demons, Lucifer, and the Sucubbus. These long held views of the dark goddess are in a word, bullshit.  In communing with her energy, I was introduced to a deeply complex warrior, survivor, creative powerhouse, sensual awakener, wild woman, and non-conformist.  Always associated with the dark, it is she, that brings the light to the darkness.  Contrary to the views of many, she is made of love and light, for in the darkness, light is revealed.  These energies that those of us in the spiritual community so loosely throw around, are not always comprised of soft and fluffy elements. Healing requires strength, perseverance, and a warrior spirit.  The first thing I heard when connecting to her was “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.”  She told me we will no longer hide in the shadows.  Lilith has come at this time to excavate the deepest, darkest trauma and shadows in your life and in the world at large.  Within this death process you may travel to the depths of despair only to rise from the ashes once again as the great Phoenix.  Her mission is to blunt the pain of our repressed and hidden memories, for in facing your darkest shadows and secrets, you create cracks through which the light can enter, and in the light, there is great healing for your soul.  In the light you are cleansed, made whole again, and deeply loved and protected.  Lilith is reminding me of the Japanese ceramics repair technique, Kintsugi, golden (kin) and repair (sugi).  Many of the beautiful ceramics that this technique is applied to appear to be seemingly broken beyond repair, but are adhered back together with lacquer and gold, leaving a seam of gleaming, brilliant gold where the original break was.  Rejoining these fragments brings them a new more refined aspect; creating something wholly better and stronger than before.  What emerges from this healing process is diamond hard and unbreakable.  Dear One, know that you possess the courage and iron will required to walk through the fire and emerge fully restored.           

     Within each of us, our greatest wounding often lies within the feminine aspect of our divine blueprint.  Whether we fully deny our nurturing and caring tendencies, or conversely over compensate by over-giving, a balance must be achieved in order to show up fully as our true selves in this lifetime. In order to restore the warrior spirit in each of us, so we can more fully usher in the world that we are fighting so hard for, there are some deep personal wounds that must be addressed.  In particular, Lilith wants to focus on wounding and trauma caused by all sexual misconduct.  To be abused and misused in this way is soul crushing, and can take all of your creative life force away.  It can cause one to shut down, and almost completely extinguish their inner fire.  That flame, no matter how small, is always waiting to be stoked back to life.  Some are lucky enough to find the right partner to work on healing these deep-seated traumas.  For those who have not yet found this bond, Lilith wishes to step into this role for you.  She wishes to help you reawaken your sexual power.  Sexual power is not just about the physical act of sex, or allure and charisma.  Within this taboo realm lies so much of our personal power.  Most teachings, in regards to the energetic centers of the body identify the solar plexus as the seat of personal power, however our personal power really starts in our root chakra and then is fed by the bright burning fire of the sacral chakra.  The sacral chakra is the Seat of All Creation.  Think about that for a moment and let it really sink in.  If your fire is very dim, just embers, nothing will be in alignment for you.  Not your health, not your money, not your relationships, not your mood, not your life.  You cannot manifest anything you want with a sacral chakra that is shut down or sluggish.  You need your pilot light reignited.  This is not just about harnessing the much-discussed kundalini energy, but making your engine maintain a consistent and constant blaze. 

     Many cultures around the world vilify the act of sex, making it dirty, shameful, something to be hidden, and never spoken of in public.  This physical union, when shared between two individuals who deeply love each other, has an immense power to change and heal the energetics of not only their world, but to feed into the web that connects us all.  Pleasure in all of its forms was given to us by Source to enjoy this earthly existence.  I am not advocating for excess here, but there is a certain wildness that must be tapped into in each individual’s life in order to feed the fire of their creative energies. 


“Where the wild things are is a place that resides in the mind. 

 Wild things exist in all of us.  It lives in our passions, the people

 we love, our subconscious thoughts and beliefs it has even made

 its home in the darkest places within each of us.  We can’t be scared

of it.  We have to become it.”  For within this becoming, within this

sacred embrace, lies our true freedom.                      Alessia Cara



     The sacral chakra is a place of sacred divinity and communion with yourself.  It is not only your Seat of Creation, but the home of all emotion.  As such, this chakra must be protected and maintained, if you are to retain your burning fire for life.  Each person you engage in sex with leaves their energetic imprint within your sacral chakra.  You do not want any negative or dark experiences to stay within this energetic center.  Self-reiki, white light visualizations, crystals, and cord cutting rituals can all be employed in order to keep this important energetic center cleared.  The visualization provided at the end of this writing is another tool you can utilize to keep your sacral chakra in optimal function. 

     Union with another may not be right for everyone, however denying this sacred and important physical aspect of yourself dims your creative center, and can leave you operating simply in survival mode, instead of thriving.  Pleasure is not a sin, do not deny yourself this important outlet.  How do we make this world a better place?  By coming up with new, ingenious ways to survive and thrive.  All of those ideas are birthed in the sacral chakra and then brought to form through the throat chakra.  This can only happen when the sacral chakra is healed and functioning optimally, with a brilliant glowing fire.   


     Lilith has requested that I provide a visualization for you to connect into her energy as she wishes to help heal and reignite your sacred flame at this time.  You can use the image that accompanies this writing if it helps you to tap into her energy.


Sit or lay in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  Hold each inhale for five seconds, then slowly exhale and hold for another five seconds.  Place your hands on your lower belly beneath your belly button.  Envision that your hands are actually Liltih’s hands and feel the warmth that is being transmitted through them into this energy center.  Envision a soft orange glow inside your lower belly as Lilith lights the flame of your sacral chakra.  See any darkness, debris, or dross being burned off as the flame is turned up.  Feel the warmth intensifying and spreading to engulf your entire lower half.  Sit with this warmth as long as you feel comfortable.  It is meant to clear, cleanse, and reignite this chakra so that it is at its optimum function.  If this full exercise is too intense you can start just with the lighting of the flame and work your way up to the expansion of its light.  This visualization may evoke memories and bring up strong emotions.  Allow all of it to flow through you so that it may be released to make space for your creative engine to run smoothly.



"Dive Into Darkness: Lilith’s Dark Ambient Music For Deep Relaxation and Meditation” meditation track from Eternal Voyage:

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