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What Can The Octopus Teach Us?

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I recently watched 'My Octopus Teacher' and beyond anything else that the film conveyed it was first and foremost a love story. That is an odd thing to say about an invertebrate sea creature, but the film clearly demonstrated that animals we never even thought of as having an emotional life are capable of showing and receiving affection. Additionally, the film beautifully demonstrates that the language of love transcends other barriers to communication. As humans, it would benefit us greatly to realize that love is the most powerful form of communication we possess. Love is a great unifier and with love, light and goodness expand outward to touch every living thing. Love also brings with it magic. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? The magic that surrounded everything about each encounter you shared with your beloved? That magic comes not just from human connection, but with connection to animals, nature, and even from performing activities that you love. Love and magic live together in harmony. When love grows so does magic. Magic makes the impossible possible and leads to wonder and awe. Wonder and awe promote gratitude which in turn raises our vibration to keep the cycle going.

The Octopus shows us the beauty of flexibility and adaptability. The Octopus has the ability to squeeze its body into the smallest of spaces and through the tiniest of gaps. We are encouraged to embrace this flexibility. The mind is the greatest obstacle to our success, but it can also be the greatest advantage as well. What we believe is impossible will never manifest, so we need to change our mindset little by little until the impossible becomes possible. Each small adjustment we make, each flexing of the mind in a new direction, moves us closer to what we truly wish to manifest in our lives and in the world. We are currently in one of the most astrologically challenging times of this year. Our ability to adapt and be flexible will help us to weather what is coming up and to move through these challenges with grace and ease.

The Octopus uses its powerful suckers to attach and anchor itself to surfaces for stability and has a built in mechanism to maintain the horizontal orientation of its pupils. All of these adaptations allow for equilibrium and balance. When we are ungrounded we feel instability and fear which leads us to have murky thinking and overblown expectations. In order to be adaptable we must first be rooted and stable. When we connect to the physical natural world it helps us to slow down, maintain balance, and clear our thought processes. In other words it helps us to maintain our equilibrium. Get outside in nature when you can even if it is to just to let the sun shine on your face, breathe in the smell of the rain cleaned air, or appreciate the crunch of the fallen leaves under your feet. Although these actions may seem innocuous, they can make a great difference in your mood and how your day plays out.

*My Octopus Teacher (available for viewing on Netflix) was made in conjunction with The Sea Change Project which works to protect the sea kelp forests that are home to the star of the movie among many other sea creatures. For more information about their efforts please visit:

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