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Unexpected Magic Comes From Our Release of Fear

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Spirit really does work in the most mysterious and synchronistic ways. I find it fitting that the first card of this reading references the Thunder Moon, which is what the full moon in Capricorn that we just experienced on July 4 is known as. I know in my own life between that moon and the current new moon in Cancer today there have been multiple changes and ones that have not been altogether bad. In fact some of the changes have been a downright relief. Just a quick glance at this reading shows that we are not only no longer afraid of the changes that needed to be made for such a long time, but that we are embracing those changes with a power we never knew we had. Those changes are leading to the most beautiful and completely unexpected outcomes because we have finally let go of control and allowed the universe to step in.

Change & Fear (reversed):

The image in the Change card brings to mind The Tower card in the Rider Waite tarot deck with all of the lightning shown. Unlike the energy of The Tower though, where unexpected change is forced upon us by the Universe, the woman pictured appears to have thrown off the garment that was restricting her and is now experiencing a level of freedom heretofore unknown. The seagulls pictured in this card as an animal energy represent freedom, independence, and adventure. With the Fear card reversed below, this message of freedom is only more strongly enforced. We have moved out of fear to embrace the changes that are coming. We have realized that these changes are going to propel us forward into the future and we acknowledge that it is much brighter than the past.

Darkness & Fruition:

The crows in the Fear card lead us into the Darkness card as they are freed from the tethers around the woman's hands. Crows symbolize transformation, change, flexibility, magic, life mysteries, and destiny. A fear of the dark is our first and most primal fear, but once we acclimate to the darkness we come to appreciate the beauty and mystery that can be found within it. When you look at the night sky and appreciate the beautiful stars or the moon it would not be possible without the dark background. Similarly, the magic of seeing the first fireflies of the season would also not exist. Have you ever seen a firefly in the daytime, there is no magic then, just a plain looking insect. Without the darkness there can be no light. We must acknowledge and embrace both to become whole. Our move beyond fear to embrace the mysteries within the dark has brought us to the Fruition card. We have learned so much not only about ourselves in the last few months, but about the collective. That knowledge is starting to bear fruit now. Ideas are blossoming and we are reaping what we have sown.


I just watched Maleficent Mistress of Evil, and when I pulled this card that is what I immediately thought of. For those of you who have not seen either Maleficent film, she is an extremely powerful fairy, unlike any other fairy she possesses magical powers. Through the course of the film Maleficent discovers the secret to her powers, that her bloodline is descended from the mighty Phoenix. Towards the end of the film she is forced to make a choice where she must give up control of a situation in order to save the life of her human daughter. In so doing she appears to die, but like the Phoenix of legend she is reborn and rises from the ashes more powerful than ever before. We have all been going through this transformation. The death of the old and outworn has shown us our strength and allowed us to harness and recognize the power that is truly within. Each one of us has the power to affect change and as that change happens on an individual level it grows and moves out into the collective.

The Unexpected:

Today is the second new moon in Cancer in a row, the first was on June 20. It is rare to have two new moons that fall back to back within the same sign. This card talks about the Blue Moon which is also rare. I've heard many people complain about so much Cancer energy, but this emphasis on home, family, and the feminine are giving us a chance to examine those areas in depth in order to move into the portal available to us now. I suspect this portal is connected to Lion's Gate in August. Looking at the image in this card I see magic coming for those that have done the inner work required to come through these upheavals and transformations. The Universe is bringing us something we have not thought of even in our wildest dreams, but it is something that we have been preparing for over these last months. If you look forward to this upcoming time with an air of hope you will surely see the bits of magic that the Universe is bringing in.

Oracle Card Credit:

* Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

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