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Tree of Life - Healing Support For Our Earth Angels

As the coronavirus has continued to expand to greater numbers of the population I have been growing ever more concerned for all of those involved in the healthcare community. These individuals have not been shown enough respect and care throughout this journey and they must be extremely tired by now, but they continue to fight on to help us all. As a small token of my appreciation I offer this reiki infused tree of life crystal grid which I used in a healing session for all healthcare workers two weeks ago. This reiki energy is being sent through the end of April 2021, but I wanted to share this grid with anyone who can benefit from it. Please share it with anyone you think may need it.

The Tree of Life -

The tree of life is a symbol in sacred geometry that encompasses all of the other shapes that precede it, and it is the symbol that represents the unity of all life. It represents the center of the torus field that encompasses the human body and it marries all duality into itself. For the purposes of this grid the tree of life helps to center and ground the body to promote balance and provide stability.


The color black is extremely protective and grounding and is associated with the root chakra. This color helps you to maintain a connection to this physical reality promoting calmness and strengthening the magnetic energies of the body. Black is also associated with the water element and the feminine energies, promoting nurturing, rejuvenation, and the potential for growth and new beginnings.


The color yellow is invigorating and stimulating and is associated with the solar plexus chakra, our seat of power. This color is associated with the fire element and masculine energies. It assists in providing motivation when your energy is waning and helps to uplift the mood carrying the joyous energy of the sun.

Black Tourmaline with Mica (Base of the tree) -

This combination crystal provides deep grounding, protection , detoxification, and helps to seal the energetic field from all outside energies. Black tourmaline helps to increase physical vitality and neutralizes stress and tension while also bolstering the immune system. Relieves stress and tension, instilling a supreme calmness.

Citrine (Above the Black Tourmaline) -

Citrine holds within it the power of the sun and is extremely energizing, providing a sense of renewal and cleansing. This crystal also protects the environment by absorbing and grounding negative energy.

Emerald (Center of the Tree) -

Emerald promotes group cooperation, deep heart healing, detoxification and is good for recovery after infectious illness and promotes healing of the lungs. Emerald is a life affirming stone that heals our perceived guilt.

White Howlite (Crown of the Tree) -

White Howlite is the ultimate calming stone helping to usher in clarity of thought and the ability to discern breakthrough solutions to complex problems.

Amethyst (Around the Central Trunk) -

Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom and assists integration of new ideas by creating clarity of mind. Amethyst helps in healing emotional and psychological pain as well as anxiety, fear, and grief. In terms of healing the physical body, Amethyst is good for the lungs, intestines, pancreas, liver, thymus, and immune system.

In addition to the crystal grid pictured I also played the below track from Meditative Mind while sending this reiki healing session.

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