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Through Grace We Rise

42. Garuda Suparna, 33. Yeshe Tsogyal, 43. Karma of Kutuhala:

The first thing that struck me upon pulling this spread was that the entire top row were representations of animals. There are not that many animal cards in this oracle deck so I found it very interesting that these are the three cards that came out. Animals seem to be coming to the forefront at this time to bring wisdom and healing, particularly birds. I have noticed in my own garden a much greater variety of birds than in years past. The bird as a totem animal highlights strength, empowerment, and freedom as well as harmony with its fellow animal spirits. The bird is able to bridge the divide between the spirit and the earth; the embodiment of as above so below. There are two representations of birds in this top row; the eagle and the phoenix. Both extremely powerful in their own right, but combined you cannot deny their innate explosive transcendence of our worldly concerns.

The eagle and the tiger are both looking to the right towards the phoenix. In card reading, right is the direction of the future, in this case the representation of the phoenix rising up from the ashes. The eagle commands the sky and sees all from a very high vantage point, meaning he is not bogged down by what is taking place at ground level. Whereas the tiger resides on the earth, low to the ground and is meticulous in its scrutiny of the fine details. Both of these animals are extremely powerful, agile, and intelligent. They bring their gifts to us now to aid us in our transformation out of the dark and into the light. The phoenix being the last card in this row is a combination of the earth and the sky, a marriage of duality. In order to rise you must first plumb the deepest depths of your soul, your so-called dark side. The mythological phoenix endures the dark and the pain to burst forth from the flames of destruction, anew, into the light, to soar above and bring a message of hope and renewal. For surely after exposing the deepest truths to ourselves and the collective we are headed straight into the light of self-actualization.

Experiencing Grace; Transcendence; Increased Awareness; Sacred Self:

Enabling power and spiritual healing through mercy and love, is the definition I found when looking up the word grace. That seems to be a pretty prescient meaning for the times we are currently living in. Our wounds as a collective and as individuals go so deep, the only way to bring healing to those wounds is through the mercy and love provided by the stillness and ease of grace. Grace is not loud or rash, but it is extremely powerful when wielded from a place of higher ideals. Think of the great healers of this world, they have not sought to divide, but through demonstration of quiet determination and the highest ideals of service to self and others repair the deepest wounds. We must harness the power of grace now to transcend our pain in order to rise up into our future. Harnessing this grace leads to a greater self-awareness and a deeper relationship with the entire spiritual realm. However you define it whether through nature, God, the cosmos, this healing and expansion allows for our ascension into higher consciousness and a deeper love for all that is. Our much talked about rise to 5D that is happening now. Be assured no matter how dark things look from the outside we are truly rising. Remember it is always darkest before the dawn and a most beautiful sunrise is coming to greet us for the work we have put forth.

Inspiration for these times - Rise Up by Andra Day :

Oracle Card Credits:

* White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild

* Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

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