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The Green Corn Moon - The Gate to Our Future

Today is the annual Full Moon in Aquarius which was given the name of The Green Corn Moon by the Native Americans. This moon was called the Green Corn Moon, as it was the time of the year when the crops of corn were fully grown, but not yet ready to harvest. I find it extraordinarily fitting that we just passed through the Gaelic celebration of Lughnasadh two days before this full moon on August 1. Lughnasadh heralds the beginning of the harvest season midway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. This full moon represents the first moon cycle completion of 2020, as we experienced the new moon in Aquarius back on January 24. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, envisioning the highest ideals of innovation, freedom, adventure, and endless possibilities for themselves and the collective at large. What was started in January has now come full circle and is culminating at this time. Although this card is called 'Patience' I do not believe that the message for us at this time is to continue to be patient, but that our patience of the last seven months is about to pay off. Much like the green corn that is fully developed, we only have to wait a tiny bit longer before we can harvest the fruits of our labors. The portal that I have spoken of in the last two readings makes itself once again evident in the 'full moon gate' that is shown in the beautiful image on this card. We are being asked to continue our journey forward, to ultimately walk through this portal. The red balloon that the woman is holding speaks to me of hope, joy, and a renewed childlike innocence that has been rediscovered in our period of healing that we are taking with us into the future. The future we have dreamed of is almost here. We only need look forward with an openness and optimism for the highest outcome for all.

I wish you all a Green Corn Moon filled with an abundant and not too far off harvest. Envision your highest future, don't be afraid to dream big, your wishes are about to come true in the most unexpected ways.

Oracle Card Credit:

*Queen of the Moon Oracle

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