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The Gift of the Super Blood Moon - Finding Your Truth

On Wednesday May 26, 2021 we will be experiencing the full super moon total lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius which is currently sitting in the North Node. When the lunar eclipse is at its totality the moon will turn a deep shade of red due to the shadow that is cast upon it, creating what is known as the Blood Moon. Sagittarius is the sign of truth, freedom, spontaneity, natural law and belief systems and the North Node is all about our destiny and soul calling in this life. This full moon lunar eclipse is going to be monumental to our ongoing understanding and acceptance of our true path. In the darkness the greatest truths can be revealed to you. You just need to drop your controls, surrender, and accept the information you receive.

Common Tortoise: Steady On -

The tortoise is here to remind us to slow down and ground into the energies that are coming into the planet at this time. The tortoise spends its entire life on land and is the most grounded of all the turtles. He is a symbol of wisdom, security, longevity, and peace. The tortoise never rushes and knows that being slow and steady will bring true, long lasting results. He also carries his home on his back, and has the ability to withdraw, whenever he feels unsafe or overwhelmed. He is asking us to see the wisdom in slowing down at this time and to withdraw and repair ourselves if the energy is too intense. The tortoise develops such a thick shell over his long life that he can even pull himself inside and withstand and survive the heat of a fire. We can survive this fire too, if we just pull ourselves back for a moment and allow the fire to burn itself out.

Protection & Peace -

Because the planetary transits going on right now are going to be so intense it is important that we find a way to insulate and protect ourselves in order to maintain a sense of peace and security. You might want to limit your exposure to electronic devices, news, and gossip at this time. If possible, getting out in nature and grounding yourself will be helpful in maintaining that level of peace and calm. Listen to relaxing music, take a bath, play in the dirt, meditate, color, find something that takes you to that peaceful place if only for a little while, as it will help to protect your energy levels.

Extremes & Trust -

The Blood Moon is clearly visible in the Extremes card. Blood is the element of divine life that functions within the human body. When exposed to oxygen the deep red color calls to mind the root chakra, the home of our safety and security. We must have trust and faith at this moment that whatever is currently being 'eclipsed' out of our life is for the best. This elimination will lead us to our true soul purpose. Trust that once the eclipse has ended a whole new cycle begins. Trust in yourself to have the perseverance to remain steady in the face of obstacles. We only grow when we face those obstacles.

Surrender & Acceptance -

When we let go and get into the flow, things that were challenging, or that we viewed as obstacles take on a much different quality. Those challenges can start to look like the greatest hidden gifts. Ones that made us change our path and find our passion. Remember that every single moment in your life has led to the present moment you are in. When we stop putting up resistance, and we rest in the moment, or lean into the challenge and accept the gift within it, we can find a deep sense of peace. Anxiety and worry can drop away and the doves of peace can fly in to bring an instant sense of calm. If you need spiritual or physical help at this time do not be afraid to ask. It is on offer and it may just bring the lightning bolt epiphany you have been seeking. The moment that shows you the truth of who you are.

Black Bear: Sync with the Cycles -

The black bear understands the importance of cycles and how to work with nature. She does not fight it when it is time to hibernate. She understands instinctually what her body needs and follows those rhythms without anxiety or guilt. In the darkness, it is time to dream, to dream and make plans for the new cycle that is just about to begin. Accept this moment of stillness, this moment of introspection in order to set your true course.

Oracle Card Credits:

*Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

*The Illustrated Bestiary by Maia Toll

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