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The Devil Inside All of Us

I saw the image of this card this morning in my minds eye and knew that I was supposed to write a post about the energies represented by this card. Unlike most tarot decks this one depicts the Devil card as a beautiful fall forest with the leaves of the trees set ablaze by the cooler temperatures of late fall and winter. I must say, I much prefer this image as my spouse is a Capricorn, and it just seems to me a much better depiction of that astrological sign's true energies. However, at this current moment in time the standard depiction of The Lovers bound to the evil Devil might be a better representation of what is going on in the world.

Currently Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, is sitting at the last (anaretic) degree of Capricorn before it makes its big move into the sign of Aquarius on March 22. While Saturn is sitting in this last degree it is amplifying the shadow side of Capricorn, Inflexibility, Fear, Panic, Selfishness. When I was contemplating this post I heard the chorus to the INXS song The Devil Inside. Each of us carries this dark energy, but it is a matter of whether we stay bound up in it. It is our choice.

The sunlight shining across the card when I took this photo this morning is asking us to see the beauty that can be found when we release ourselves from fear and panic and move into the higher traits of the sign of Capricorn, that of Stability, Support, Steadfastness, and Kindness. What is truly needed at this moment in time is not the fear that is so diligently being fed to us as a collective, but love and support for those who need help during this time. Not everyone can afford to buy out supplies, food, or have the ability to work from home in order to escape exposure to this illness. This card asks you to really think about what you need when you are operating out in the world. Maybe you can donate a few extra cans of food to the food bank while you are buying your groceries, or you can show kindness to the workers at the stores you happen to be out at. They most certainly need it as they have seen the panic driving the craziness. Most likely the fear of their customers has affected them as well. It is so easy to get sucked down into this fear which moves us into denser, heavier energy. I have had moments of panic myself this last week. Spending all day looking at news updates is probably not a good thing. Staying informed is fine, but wallowing in the fear machine is not what we should be doing. Things will be different when this all plays out, but the majority of us will be fine and will move forward into the new world that will be birthed from this event. As difficult as it might be, the universe is asking us to see these events from a higher perspective, a place of love and not fear. Only when we move out of the fear can we see the truth.

Below is a meditation track from Meditative Mind to help release fear. Just listening to this track will help to calm the emotions, but if you could carve out ten minutes to meditate while listening, it will be more helpful.

I wish you the ability to find peace and calm in this coming week. Namaste.

Tarot Card Credit:

The Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads

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