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The Benefits of Distance Reiki

I am sure many of you who are new to Reiki and other forms of energy healing have wondered how can distance healing possibly work? I know that for myself, when I first discovered Reiki I had a hard time understanding. When I first became a Reiki practitioner the first person I sent Reiki to was a co-worker who happened to be having a terrible tooth ache. I decided I would send him fifteen minutes of energy and see if anything happened. The day after I sent the Reiki to him he came by to tell me the strangest thing had happened. He was about to go to the dentist to have his tooth checked out and when he woke up that morning his pain had vanished. I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to find out that distance Reiki treatments did in fact work. I told him I had sent Reiki to him and he was grateful and even asked if I would send additional Reiki to him. It is true not all Reiki treatments have such overt results, but almost always there is some positive change in the recipient.

The truth is energy transcends time and space. Everything in this universe is made up of energy and with intention and focus energy can be manipulated. There are two main types of energy, physical and subtle. Physical energy (matter) comprises our material world and vibrates at a lower frequency. So your body, clothing, chair you might be sitting on, and the device you are reading this on, are all examples of dense physical energy. Subtle energy on the other hand vibrates at a much higher frequency and is able to be transmitted through time and space. Reiki and other forms of energy healing utilize subtle energy as a means to bring balance to a recipients's energy field.

During this period of deep unease and uncertainty Reiki can provide a safe harbor from the storm. Reiki promotes tranquility and calm by deactivating the 'fight or flight' response of your central nervous system. When your stress response is calmed you are able to navigate through tumultuous times much more easily. The beauty of being able to send Reiki at a distance is that the recipient can stay in their own home and still receive the same healing session and energy that they would have at the practitioner's office. How Reiki energy effects a recipient will be the same whether they have a hands on session or a distance session from half way around the world. The intention of the Reiki practitioner is what facilitates the transmission of the energy.

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