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Soul Union

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

True union and integration of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies is now possible within our selves. I must admit I had a hard time preparing this weeks blog. Most likely because I myself have spent the majority of my life entrenched in the divine masculine energies which are all about control, dominance, pushing through at all costs, and never stopping to spend time in self-reflection. The divine feminine energies on the other hand are all about nurturing and recognizing your divinity, the spark of life force energy, unconditional love, and stabilizing and calming all situations. True union and integration is an internal process that allows the abundance of the universe to flow to us.

The overall message of the cards in this reading is about reuniting parts of yourself that have been hidden or buried by the chaos of life in order to more authentically present yourself to the world, and in so doing, increasing your ability to create from a place without limitations. Moving you more fully into a place of peace and joy within yourself.

Alpha of Alcyone - The sacred embodiment of the goddess energy. Alcyone looks up in a state of deep peace despite the swirling energetic chaos surrounding her. In this peace she is able to maintain her inner balance. Alcyone represents your soul deep connection to your true self and the universe.

Simplicity - In this life, many times we make things much more difficult than they need to be. Our worries and fears inflate our perception of the difficulties swirling around us. This card is asking you to take a step back, slow down, and make time for self-reflection. Sometimes we over-schedule ourselves and our lives which limits our ability to see clearly. It is time to drop any unnecessary activities and make some space for rest and renewal.

Union - In making this space for the quiet, for self-reflection, you can truly align both your masculine and feminine energies. In essence you are allowing the space to reunite with your divinity.

Surfacing - Is mirroring the Union card and reiterating the message that you are coming back to your true self. You are once again able to breathe and find peace. Through this self-discovery, hidden talents are 'surfacing'.

Sexuality - Is referring to the rise of kundalini energy and the union of Shiva and Shakti as one complete energy. The opening and balance of the sacral chakra allows for the bloom of creative energy, passion, and motivation. When this energy of sexuality is harnessed in a healthy way it can lead to all kinds of positive life changing discoveries about ourselves.

Return of Spirit - The balance and union of the kundalini energy leads to our rise from the chaos and confusion of life to truly show the world who we are. When masculine and feminine energies are truly merged within your soul, balance and peace are returned.

For more information regarding the divine feminine archetypes please visit the below website:

For more information on kundalini energy and kundalini awakening please visit the below website:

Oracle Card Credits:

*White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish

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