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Root Chakra Healing - Reunification

I've known I was supposed to put this healing mandala together for the last two months, but my guides had not wanted me to send it out until now. The energy was not yet coherent, but now, finally, is the time for reunification. In the simplest terms, reunification is the restoration of unity, bringing back into balance that which has been overburdened and un-tempered. When we look to others to supplement our self-worth we do not stand in our own authority. Our discernment becomes impaired and our footing, our entire foundation, becomes faulty and unstable. We believe that compromise and cooperation is a loss. There can be no equality because there must always be a winner and loser. It is an either/or situation always!

Fear resides in our base (root) chakra, and can feel like a well loved flannel shirt, so comfortable and familiar, yet outworn and ready to be given up. Fear of not having enough, fear of the 'other', fear of the unknown, fear of not being good enough, fear of being unlovable. Fear is paralyzing and blocks our ability to give and receive. Whether it is a physical manifestation, or thoughts and ideas, they will all be blocked until we are able to recognize the falseness of the fear and anxiety we are sitting in and align to our true sovereignty, the light within that is our true essence.

I have infused the pictured root chakra mandala crystal grid with reiki in order to help bring balance to the root chakra and quell these false fears. This healing session was sent out to all who were willing to accept it through the middle of June 2021. Feel free to use this image to connect into this healing any time you need to re-balance your root chakra.

Root Chakra (Muladhara) -

The root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras and sits at the base of your tail bone. It is considered to be the most important of your chakras, as without a balanced root chakra you will not have a stable foundation, it is literally the roots of your etheric form. When the root chakra is unbalanced you will feel unsafe, insecure, have issues around poverty consciousness, act irrationally and be easily manipulated by anyone who you perceive promises safety, stability, and security.

The root chakra is associated with the color red. Red is one of the strongest color energies. Red is associated with energy, strength, courage, power, will, desire, and intense emotions. This color energy promotes safety, security, grounding, and comfort. The color itself is just as healing as the rest of the components of this mandala crystal grid. Whenever you are feeling insecure the color red can act as a pick me up that helps to bring you back into balance.

The pictured mandala beautifully represents all of the aspects of the root chakra. The four petals give stability to our structure. The circle represents the wholeness and unity of life and also being round it incorporates the divine feminine, while the square again reiterates the four corners creating stability in our lives and with the line asserts the divine masculine. The triangle in the center of the mandala represents the union of masculine, feminine, and the divine, a unified whole being.

Black Tourmaline (triangle point) :

This crystal is excellent for drawing off and neutralizing negative energies and thoughts, and clearing blockages. It encourages objectivity with clear and rational thought processes. Additionally, it helps to remove fear, grounds energy, and diffuses stress and tension.

Herkimer Diamond (top of triangle):

Herkimer Diamond is the most powerful of all quartz crystals, with double terminations these crystals have the ability not only to transmit energy, but to receive and amplify it as well. In this mandala the crystal serves to amplify all of the other crystal energies and the healing reiki energy as well.

Rhodolite Garnet (in the square surrounding the triangle):

Fortifies the survival instinct and relieves emotional imbalances. Helps dissolve ingrained behavior patterns that are obsolete and redirects unconscious self-sabotage and resistance.

Iolite (inside the circle):

Is a stone of vision that stimulates inner knowing and clears lower negative thought forms. This crystal helps to release the causes of addiction and codependency, releasing your freed true essence.

Red Jasper (top flower petals):

Balances feminine and masculine energies, aligning the physical, mental and emotional bodies to provide grounding and stability. Brings the power to encourage honesty with the self and freedom from outside manipulation.

Brecciated Jasper (bottom flower petals):

This crystal is a supreme nurturer that is wonderful for calming worry and returning negativity to its source. It shines a light on problems before they head out of control and helps to rectify unjust situations.

While sending this healing session I also had the below root chakra meditation track from Meditative Mind playing in the background. I wanted to include the link in case it could be of assistance to you.

One last thing, while I was pulling the information together to write this blog I heard Florence & The Machine's song Shake it Out. It might help right now. "Tonight I'm going to bury that horse in the ground." sticks out as a good piece of advice right now. The light is coming, really.

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