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Reiki Healing for Trauma

I was prompted to write this blog regarding trauma based on an article that came to me in an email I received last week. Like many people involved in alternative healing modalities, I receive multitudes of information regarding the latest health and alternative healing trends. The article I read yesterday was published by MindBodyGreen and had a fair amount of useful information in terms of working to heal trauma. I must say though, that I was quite disappointed that this article mentioned many alternative modalities to work with trauma, but neglected to mention Reiki. Like acupuncture, Reiki works to clear blockages in the body that are created by trauma, that can lead to physical symptoms and manifestations.

Every person experiences trauma at some point in their life's journey. It is a part of the human condition. Trauma does not need to be a life shattering event such as war, rape, or natural disaster. Trauma can be caused by more subtle events such as divorce, loss of a job, a move that is unplanned, constant exposure to emotionally toxic environments, or even unkind words that are unexpected. When these painful events are left unprocessed or become buried in our subconscious mind they can create lasting damage that expresses itself through a constant stress response (fight or flight) or a physical illness.

Unlike acupuncture, Reiki can tap into the complete bio-energetic field. The human energy field consists of five layers, commonly referred to as the aura, which extends outside of the physical body. These energetic fields combine the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Because Reiki can be sent via distance treatments, or transmitted with hands hovering above the client, the energy can be transmitted directly into the chakras that reside outside of the physical body. The earth star chakra in particular, which is located six inches below your feet, can be a store house for trauma. As the earth star is your physical connection to mother earth, having a blockage in this chakra can make you feel ungrounded, and leave you in a constant state of anxiety and stress. Reiki energy can help clear imbalances in these energy centers.

Reiki gently works on these bio-energetic layers to help clear blockages and resistance. One of Reiki's principal functions is to calm stress and anxiety. Bringing the stress response under control naturally helps to start the healing process in the body at all levels. The flow of Reiki energy into the recipient's body creates a deep sense of peace, allowing blocked energy to be gently released. With the release of the energetic block healing from the trauma can begin.

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