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Reiki for Animals

I've thought about writing this blog post for a little while now, but was not fully catalyzed until yesterday. I rescued a baby squirrel yesterday that had been thrown down from its high nest by a hungry crow. The mother squirrel was panicking, as two of her babies were laying on the pavement. She was able to pickup and carry away the one baby, but did not return for the second one. That is the one I picked up and provided care for until we could get to the animal rescue center. While I was holding this precious, tiny creature I gave her some Reiki to help calm her. It seemed to help her, and she was quiet and peaceful until it was her feeding time. It occurred to me, after we had dropped her off at the rescue center that the majority of the recipients of the Reiki I have sent over the last six months have been animals. Most recipients have been squirrels, but also some birds, a cat , and a dog. Most of those sessions have been delivered via distance treatments which are just as effective as hands on treatment and in the case of some animals can be safer to administer.

My very first Reiki client, pictured above and below, was a sweet pup named Scooby. Scooby had arthritis in his hips, so his owner had me give him a treatment to try and alleviate his discomfort. Scooby allowed me to give him Reiki for about thirty minutes and then he got up and let me know he had enough energy. Animals have an intelligence about what they need and can certainly communicate that need effectively to those that pay attention. Thereafter, any time I would visit Scooby he always showed me preference and would want more of that healing energy. Animals also remember those that help them and will gravitate to those souls.

Anyone who enjoys animals will understand that much like us they can suffer from both physical and behavioral issues. And like us Reiki can be extremely beneficial in helping to calm their nervous system in order to promote healing and behavioral improvements. In my experience, animals can benefit more quickly from Reiki than humans because they are more sensitive to and more receptive of healing energy. Animals do not have all of the distractions that humans have that keep them closed down to the more ethereal aspects of the universe. As an example, many animals sense when earthquakes are coming, they are more tuned into the earth than we are. Because of this heightened awareness, most animals require shorter Reiki treatments than humans to experience the same benefits. Reiki can help calm physical pain, stress, fear, emotional, and behavioral issues in animals. Reiki works to clear imbalances and blockages that cause an imbalance in the biological systems of all animals.

I provide distance Reiki treatments for small, medium, and large size animals. Please visit the below link to see more details about what an animal Reiki treatment entails. I look forward to helping your beloved pet in their healing journey.

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