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Our Rebirth Leads to Stability

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Rescue, Compass, Bone Collector:

Collectively these cards add up to the number 13 which is the number of rebirth and transformation, broken down further they total to the number 4 which is about stability. The rebirth that we are currently undergoing will lead us into the greatest stability.

The Divine is working with us right now to keep us on our true path, to keep us pointing in the direction of our true north. THEY ARE COMING TO THE RESCUE! We just need to quiet our minds in order to hear. The universe is now supporting us as we come into the understanding of the full power we truly possess. This period is about claiming those parts of ourselves that we thought had been lost. The storm and turmoil we are currently experiencing will lead to the most beautiful new beginning. As Katy Perry sings in her song Firework; 'After a hurricane, comes a rainbow.' You might want to read the lyrics to this song if you have not heard it in a while. The message is quite clear.

Celestial and Faith:

The Divine is working with us now to quell our worry and doubt regarding our purpose. We all possess a deep inner knowing which innately feels when we are pursuing the right course of action. Many times, when coming into what we refer to as our path or soul purpose it is not some huge revelation or a sign with big glowing lights, but rather a whisper that we must really listen closely for. The Universe is asking us to maintain faith in this process, for rest assured we are each special and we each came here to live out our purpose and be in service.

Storm and Birthing:

When a storm blows in it stirs up and uncovers that which has been buried and hidden and exposes it to the light. This uncovering can seem chaotic and violent, but it is necessary to birth the new and reveal our many gifts. Notice the colors in the last four cards of this reading; they all contain the colors of the sun and the solar plexus, the seat of our power. Do not doubt the power you possess. In the Birthing card there is a depiction of a fully awakened and aligned being waiting to burst forth from the womb of creation. This being already knows their path and is just waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves fully.

Frequency Shift and Feline:

The indigo pulse surrounding the being in the Birthing card leads us into this Frequency Shift. As we continue to vibrate at higher frequencies more and more details about our soul purpose/mission are revealed to us. The image in the Frequency Shift card reminds me of a bean seed that has just started to break through its tough outer casing, to sprout, and reach up for the sun. Much like the Feline image depicted in the card we are asked to prepare ourselves for this quantum leap that is just about to take flight. The Universe asks you to hang on just a little bit longer as our time to shine is almost here.

Oracle Card Credits:

*The Enchanted Map by Collette Baron-Reid

*Return of Spirt by Cheryl Lee Harnish

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