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Metatron's Cube Healing Grid for Grief

I was inspired to put this grid together by the recent loss of my parents' dear friend. While I did send Reiki healing with a crystal grid to my parents and their friend's family it was not the complex grid that is pictured above. The sacred geometry and crystals used in the pictured grid were given to me by my guides and are quite a powerful healing tool when combined in a distance Reiki treatment. Grief is a very complex and personal experience. While the death of a loved one is an obvious cause of grief, other less obvious causes are the loss of a job whether forced or of your choosing, loss of a friendship, a break up, or even the loss of a treasured routine. So many of us are experiencing grief at some level right now due to the extraordinary circumstances that have been playing out in this very transformational year. While the grid pictured above was infused with Reiki prior to being photographed and can be used to help provide some comfort to those who view it, I would recommend setting up a treatment with me that utilizes this grid to direct healing to your specific situation and the individuals involved. To book a healing session utilizing this grid please visit this link:

Below are all of the details about the healing properties of this crystal grid.

Metatron's Cube:

Metatron's Cube is a piece of sacred geometry that contains within it the Flower of Life, The Tree of Life and all five platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron). It is an extremely powerful tool that embodies the energy of Archangel Metatron, also known as the Divine Director and the overseer of the Akashic Records. The spheres represent the feminine energy and the straight lines represent the masculine energy, the entire shape represents the unification of these energies into the Divine Oneness of all that is. Metatron's Cube has the power to clear and release dense energy, toxins, and negativity in any form.

Rose Quartz (Top Center):

Rose quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for healing the heart chakra and overcoming trauma. It is a crystal of unconditional love and immeasurable peace. Rose quartz helps to heal a broken heart and allows for a heart opening to accept love, and comforts and heals grief.

Red Quartz Points (Either Side of Rose Quartz):

Red quartz helps to release emotional pain and revitalizes the physical body. This type of quartz contains iron which is responsible for the red color of this quartz, and is an element that imparts both strength and vitality, especially to those who are either physically or emotionally exhausted. One of the main benefits of quartz in general, is that it amplifies the energy of all other crystals you choose to use. As the points of these red quartz are facing into the crystal grid they are helping to magnify the healing properties of all of the other crystals.

Blue Calcite (Bottom Outside Circle):

Blue Calcite is a supremely relaxing stone that helps to quiet and soothe the mind especially after an emotional trauma. It calms anxiety and emotional stress and helps to release negative emotions. Helps to dissolve pain at all levels

Amethyst (Mid-Center Circle):

Amethyst helps to heal physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Amethyst aids in calming anger, rage, fear, anxiety, grief and supports coming to terms with loss.

Lepidolite (Central Circle Bottom Crystal):

Lepidolite contains a high amount of the element lithium which is contained in medications used to treat anxiety and depression, no need for a prescription though when using this crystal. It is a stone of transition that calms despondency, anger, and depression and brings deep emotional healing.

Epidote (Central Circle Top Crystal):

Epidote assists in raising you up out of hopelessness, depression, and other negative thinking patterns. It encourages recovery and regeneration after severe illness, or in the case of great exhaustion caused by over work, stress, anxiety, emotional imbalance, and painful or traumatic experiences.

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