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Lion's Gate Portal: It's Time to Roar

On August 8, 2021 we will have not only the new moon in the sign of Leo, but also the pinnacle of the Lion's Gate portal energy. The sign of Leo carries the lion's energy, which is about deep love and compassion, generosity, loyalty, confidence, courage, and leadership. I find it interesting, that of the four cards I pulled, three of them are blue. The symbolism of the color blue holds the same energy of the sign of Leo, freedom, imagination, loyalty, confidence, inner-strength, and trust. These qualities are being gifted to us now, encouraging us to raise our voices to assist all those in need. Call on your inner-strength and lion heart and use your voice to roar!

Within this portal of energy, we have the opportunity for a great spiritual evolution. The greatest spiritual renewal comes through adversity, through challenges that we must overcome. We are being asked to really examine how we express ourselves, or how we stifle that expression. It is time to recognize the power of our voice. We have been in a dynamic that emphasizes competition over cooperation. When you come from a place of competition you view others as the enemy, as someone whose very existence threatens your own place in this world. In that competition mode everything becomes harder, because you must do every task on your own. It is time for us to really see how damaging that state of mind is. Through cooperation we become extremely powerful. Cooperation assists the whole, not just the self. In a state of cooperation, we achieve equilibrium and balance. We cannot continue in this competitive framework much longer, as that mindset is leading us closer to falling off a cliff that we cannot survive. I believe many in the collective have come to recognize this truth. It is time to raise our voices and share this message. The more we come together to assist each other, to call out injustice, to shine a light on practices that cause harm to others, to heal the wounds dividing us, the stronger we all become. The power lies with all of us now, we must use our inner wisdom, our inner voice to illuminate this ultimate truth. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Oracle Card Credits:

*Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by Lon

*Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish

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