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Lion's Gate - Crystal Grid: Recognize Your Inner-Strength and Magic

When the idea for this crystal grid first came to me I had only envisioned a handful of yellow crystals and Reiki, but no additional energies. My guides had other ideas though, and that is how I ended up with a Lion's Gate crystal grid to heal the solar plexus chakra and help instill a sense of magic. This grid is filled with color energies, crystal energies, archetype energies, sound energies from a meditation track that was playing, and last but not least Reiki energy. You can use this image as a meditation tool with the music track I have linked below and allow all of the energies to absorb into your aura.

Lion's Gate -

The Lion's Gate portal opens every year starting on July 26th, when the star Sirius rises and aligns with the Sphinx in Egypt. This sacred portal remains open through August 12, and is at its peak alignment on August 8th each year, the 888 portal. This portal always falls during Leo season. Leo is the sign most representative of unconditional love, inner-strength, fortitude, and courage. This portal is a time of heightened spiritual energies, when the veil between worlds is thin, and the expansion of spiritual development can flow a little easier.

Strength & The Magician:

I chose these two cards for this grid as they convey the energies associated with this powerful spiritual portal. The strength card shows the masculine aspect of the lion energies while the magician card conveys the feminine energies. These cards ask us to see how truly powerful we are, to recognize our gifts, and the talents we can use to change not only our lives, but the collective environment for the better. When one person works to raise themselves up it affects all those around them, and that effect continually flows outward. The magic is within each of us, we just need to recognize it.

Yellow - Joy & Happiness & Fire - Dragon's Strength:

Much like the magician card the Yellow card is calling us to recognize the power we truly possess. It is improbable that a bumble bee can fly due to the size of its body in relation to the size of its wings, and yet against those odds the bumble bee flies over great distances to work together with its colony to collect an adequate food supply, and in the process make food available for the rest of the world. We need to believe that the impossible is possible to make it manifest. The yellow ray in this card is a powerful healing energy in its own right. It carries the energy of the sun, returning joy and happiness to all who bask in its rays, and also healing our solar plexus chakra and returning our sense of self-empowerment.

The Fire card echoes the imagery and message of the strength card. The dragon, much like Archangel Zadkiel, uses its fire to transmute all lower negative energies and to provide you with strength and protection. The tetrahedron shown on the card is a powerful cleanser for the solar plexus as well. The solar plexus chakra is our seat of power, the place from which our creative thoughts and ideas are actually brought to life, made manifest. Let the colors of this card help to heal and strengthen this chakra in order to birth your new life.

The Seed of Life -

The base of this crystal grid is the seed of life. The basis of the seed of life is the circle. The circle as I mentioned in a previous post is the shape from which all other shapes spring and therefore represents the unity of all things. When circles of the same circumference are layered atop each other as shown above they form the hexagram and ultimately the six pointed flower or snowflake in the center of the grid. These patterns can be seen in all of nature, including in the process of cell division. This grid is powerful in it's ability to inspire the creation of new ideas, thought-forms, and ways of being. It helps us to shed those ideas that we no longer need to move forward into fresh energy. It is the perfect shape to usher us through this year's Lion's Gate portal.


Magenta, the color of the lines in this seed of life/hexagram is a bridge between the physical and spiritual self. Magenta helps to strip away the extemporaneous in life so that you can see all that is true. Magenta helps with spiritual and soul evolution and helps to ease us into transitions with less trauma. Magenta is a combination of both the red and purple energies; red giving us the power and strength to live our convictions, while purple expands our consciousness and opens us to new paths.


Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, the seat of our imagination and creation. Orange embodies enthusiasm, determination, fascination, creativity, attraction, success, encouragement, strength, endurance, and is the color of enlightenment.

Aragonite (Center of the Grid)-

A stone for Capricorn that helps to ground and center physical energies. Calms inner turmoil and alleviates over-sensitivity. Stabilizes spiritual development to happen in divine timing. Takes you gently back into the past to help heal the inner child and heal karmic emotional wounding.

Mookaite Jasper (Either side of the Aragonite) -

A stone for Leo with a powerful link to the dream-time and ancestral wisdom. Brings peace during challenging times and helps with the acceptance of change and new ideas. Helps to block unwanted outside energies and interference.

Morganite aka Pink Beryl (Either side of the Mookaite) -

A stone for Libra and the planet Venus it assists in soul retrieval. It is a stone of courage that encourages loving thoughts and actions and makes room for the enjoyment of life. Morganite helps to release karmic emotional pain, clears victim mentality, and opens the heart to receive unconditional love.

Carnelian (the six stones in the hexagram points) -

A stone of Leo and the Sun that instills courage. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that helps to anchor us into the present reality and is excellent for restoring vitality. It is also a stone that helps to overcome negative conditioning and clears the way to recognize our abundance.

Tarot and Oracle Card Credits:

*The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

* The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle

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