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It's Your Choice Now, Fear or Love?

Prayers and Assistance -

Spirit has heard our pleas for help, but when we sit in panic, fear, and anxiety our intuition and inner knowing shuts down. In order to receive the messages of help we are being sent from the Divine we must find, and cultivate a sense of calm and peace, only then can we be open to receiving the assistance that is truly available to us.

Rejuvenation -

Viewed from a higher perspective this event is allowing not only us, but the planet a chance to renew and refresh. By forcing us into isolation we are being required to examine all kinds of things that would have been ignored when the noise of the world was keeping us stagnant. We are being asked to slow down, just for a little while so we can truly prepare for the fresh new cycle that will inevitably follow this event.

Full Moon in Aires/Full Moon in Leo/New Moon in Scorpio -

The Ego has been too much at play with the most current energies. We have just passed the peak of these energies, as today is the New Moon in Aires, signaling the influx of fresh new energy. The death grip of fear is starting to release, as we can see, through the stories of random acts of kindness that are coming to light. These acts are not being publicized in the mainstream, as fear is a very useful tool of control. We are being asked to step outside of the ego mind and see the connection that we all share in these life altering events. By looking outside of yourself and seeing this connection you can bring in compassion and love which continues to stunt the fear and anxiety that has run rampant. It is our choice whether we continue to reside in the shadow side of fear or move into the higher expression of love.

Supermoon -

It is no surprise that this card showed up in this reading. Emotions are indeed supercharged at this time, but again it is up to us to drop the external narrative of fear and move internally into our heart center. It is incredibly easy to feel contracted during this period, but If we choose, this can be the biggest heart opening and expansion.

This is an opportunity for all of us to transcend fear, learn through our anger, and come out on the other side elevated and renewed in mind, body and spirit. Fear is addictive. It is a base emotion. Anger is intoxicating. Both of these emotions are childish in their expression. Love and compassion are the evolved forms of fear and anger. Inquiry at this time allows transcendence, it allows us to reprogram these lower level emotions and move into a more evolved and loving state. What is done from a place of peace is always more powerful than what is done from a place of panic. We are being invited to see things differently and project love. What we project returns to us. Which emotions do you want returned to you at this time, fear and panic or love and gratitude? It is your choice.

Oracle Card Credits:

Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

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