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In the Pink

I was not sure exactly where to start this post, but my guides kept bringing me notifications about the 'Pink' Super Full Moon in Libra we experienced Tuesday evening, and then I noticed one of the main colors in the first card of this reading is pink. The full moon in April is known as the Pink Moon since it coincides with the reappearance of the wild ground phlox flowers in North America which happen to be pink. This moon signifies the true start of spring in the northern hemisphere, our yearly 'rebirth', heralding an influx of fresh new energy. The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and is known as the sign of beauty. Spring is bringing a brilliant display of Nature's beauty right now. The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Pink reminds us to nurture and love ourselves, to appreciate the beauty that is all around us, and show gratitude for even the smallest joys that are now a part of our new routines. Imagining the Pink ray surrounding you can bring great comfort, calm and peace at this time. The Universe asks us to utilize this color now whenever our anxiety around uncertainty begins to creep in.

New Moon: A new start is coming! & Third Quarter Moon: Adjustments are required -

Although we just went through a full moon which is typically a time of endings, we are being asked to focus on the new beginning that is right around the corner when we are allowed to go back out into the public sphere. If you are anything like me you may have begun to sense that what comes after this period of isolation we are now experiencing will not be the simple return to 'business as usual'. The Adjustments Required card makes that glaringly obvious. We have gone through this period of self-reflection in order to make the changes we have known deep within our hearts were necessary. Anything that is still an impediment to your progress will be easier to let go of at this time.

Change of Mind, Shifting, and Surfacing -

Besides the color pink that I have already discussed the main color in all three of these cards is bright yellow-green. Bright yellow is the color of freshness, happiness and joy, while green is a color of healing, rest, stability and endurance. We are being allowed this moment of healing to truly find our joy again and emerge fresh and re-energized. This period of self-isolation is allowing for an opening and transition of consciousness, but not just of the mind, but of the heart as well. Self-reflection often leads to a change in perspective and an expansion of new ideas and philosophies. At this time our priorities are experiencing a 'shift' as we spend more time focused on our homes and families. As we take stock at this moment we come to truly realize what is important to us. Love and appreciation can and will expand at this time if we allow for this change in perspective. Much like bubbles that form and break on the surface of the water as you are swimming up from the depths, you can feel the rising up that is beginning to take place. We are almost there, 'surfacing' to take that first breath of fresh air.

If you are experiencing moments of anxiety and worry, I would like to recommend the link below for the Sutra of Peace. The background image contains a bouquet of pink carnations that you can use as a focal point during meditation.

Oracle Card Credits:

*Moonology by Yasmin Boland

*Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish

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