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Heart Healing

This period of isolation is all about healing the wounds we have refused to deal with. Our forced period of introspection is leading to the transmutation and transformation of imbalances that have played out for far too long. Opening up, and allowing the Universe to gently and lovingly guide you through this process will lead to a massive healing of the heart, and a rise of the Divine Feminine energies within you.

Mandala of the Heart - Root of the Reading

Do not trust your fears. What causes the majority of our fear is projection into the future of a negative outcome. As many in the Lightworker community say, fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real. Love is the only true path to transformation and miracles. This experience is allowing us the opportunity for deep healing, expansion of love and the blossoming of the quiet power of empathy and compassion. Moving us collectively into the age of the Divine Feminine. Love is the only power that will see us through this life altering period and it will become the new standard by which we operate. Why do individuals not align to love in the first place? Because they were not shown love to begin with. Love can repair a wounded heart if it is allowed to flourish. This deep healing energy of love affects not only the individual, but the collective as well and can allow miracles of all sizes to creep in.

Central Cards:

When I drew these cards the first thing I noticed was that all of the images have symbols sitting over the heart chakra indicating these ascended masters are here to help bring healing and a dramatic opening to this chakra. The card of Saint Germain shows a jewel with wings signifying a release that will allow for freedom. Lady Nada is pictured with an open, glowing pink rose over her heart, signifying grace, compassion, gentleness, kindness, and love. The Holy Spirit is shown with the dove of peace flying into a golden chalice, basically spirit filling up your cup of love if you are willing to accept this gift. Additionally, each ascended master is shown with a sphere around their heads, speaking of a crown chakra activation, in addition to the heart healing, and a deeper connection with the Divine.

Saint Germain: Karma Releasing

This 'Keeper of the Light' invites us to release our fears, worries, and negativity to be transmuted by the violet flame. Freeing us from our accumulated karma to walk a fresh new path. Saint Germain is inviting us to cast off anything not serving our highest good into the violet flame for transmutation. Envisioning this process will help you to feel lighter and more at ease now.

Lady Nada: Heart Awakening

The colors of this card remind me of both peach morganite and rose quartz. If you have access to either of these crystals at this time it might be helpful to place them on your heart chakra either during meditation or while you are asleep. I sleep with rose quartz on my heart chakra almost every night and find that it helps with anxiety and stress. Lady Nada helps us to open our heart to the divine love that we deserve. This unconditional love increases the light that we radiate to the world and allows us to be truly seen.

The Holy Spirit: Expect Miracles

Miracles, both big and small can manifest when we operate from a place of love. People recognize the sacredness in each other when they open to love, instead of seeing others only as competition. This crisis is giving us an opportunity to truly see that we are all connected. Recognizing this connection instead of pulling back from it is its own miracle.

Sacrament of Extreme Unction - Crown of the Reading

We are being cleansed and liberated into the fullness of our next phase. This period of isolation is forcing all of us to slow down and move into a more inwardly focused thought process. By being forced to examine everything which is no longer working in our lives, and those things we have been pushing through to desperately make function, we develop a clarity about what steps need to be taken to become a better version of ourselves. Liberation from routine brings with it a great freeing of the mind and spirit. The Universe is asking you to open your heart and embrace the new path that is opening to you now. Your heart has an intelligence all its own and has been trying to show you what this isolation is making clear to you now. Let Go. There Is No Going Back Now.

Oracle Card Credits:

Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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