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Heart Chakra Healing - Reconstructing the Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

My guides have been symbolically screaming at me the last few weeks about compassion, love, inner strength, cooperation, and unity. I knew it was time to prepare the pictured heart chakra mandala as we move out of the season of the solar plexus and into the season of the heart. There is so much in the world right now that requires our love, compassion, and tenderness, but we also need to direct those emotions towards our selves. The time of competition, opposition, conglomeration, and isolationism is coming to an end. Moving forward requires a different approach, one that includes cooperation, collaboration, compassion, tenderness, and recognizing the humanity in each individual on this planet. Healing and bringing balance to the heart chakra now is of the utmost importance to change the destructive path we have been on for centuries. I was directed to send the healing energies in this grid with Reiki, continuously, over the next six months in an effort to provide healing for this key energy center. This healing is available to the entire collective if you choose to accept it.

Heart Chakra (Anahata) - Sacred Love

The Sanskrit translation of Anahata means unstruck, unhurt, or unbeaten. Despite the hurts and traumas, we may suffer in this life, the heart chakra contains a quiet strength and tenderness that can be tapped into for both self-healing and collective healing. The heart's electrical energy is so powerful that it can be physically measured three to four feet outside the body in a 360 degree field. This field of energy is 60 times greater in amplitude than the energy field generated by the brain and can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Think of how powerfully a balanced heart chakra can affect everyone you come into contact with. This chakra is known as the air chakra and has the power to wear down barriers and move mountains. This chakra governs love, compassion, balance, tenderness, empathy, altruism, devotion, self-love, self-nurturing, and self-care. Having an unbalanced heart chakra can lead to self-loathing, a lack of compassion and empathy for self and others, and difficulty forming deep and lasting emotional bonds.

During this healing session I was shown a rope bridge that was basically in such a state of disrepair as to be completely falling apart. During this session I saw the Reiki symbols being tightly knitted together to reconstruct this bridge into something rock solid and indestructible. A new bridge made of gleaming white stone. Flanking either side of this new bridge were the most beautiful and delicate pink tea roses along with deep violet colored morning glories growing through the sides of the bridge and up onto the land on each end of the bridge. As the healing session continued the surface of the bridge became lightly covered in pink and red rose petals. This new bridge was suspended over a wide body of gently flowing, clean, clear water and the sky above turned to a beautiful golden rose color. This bridge is the representation of the full chakra system of the body, from the earth star to the stellar gateway chakra. The heart chakra is the bridge that connects the earthly chakras to the heavenly chakras. Healing of this chakra expands in both directions to heal all other chakras.

Rose Essential Oil -

Steam-distilling over 60,000 fresh-picked roses will only produce one ounce of rose oil. This oil is sacred and carries the energy of the divine feminine. Promoting the qualities of compassion, kindness, love, nurturing, and trust. This oil is deeply comforting and alleviates tension, anger, stress, grief, and depression, stabilizing mood swings and dissolving emotional blocks and self-defeating behaviors.

Rhodochrosite -

This stone opens the heart promoting selfless love and compassion. It helps to heal self-worth wounding and negative beliefs leading to emotional release and healing.

Chrysoprase -

Helps to heal a broken heart and equalize the emotional state. Heals the inner child and releases long blocked emotions. Promotes the love of truth and aligns your ideals with your actions.

Amazonite -

Releases grief and trauma from the emotional body allowing a lightening to occur that leads to full expression of the self. Clears worry, fear and anxiety. Dispels negative energy and blockages within the nervous system.

Clear Quartz Crystal -

Clear Quartz is an extremely powerful energy healing and energy amplifying stone that acts as a deep soul cleanser.

Rose Quartz -

Is a stone of infinite peace and unconditional love, and encourages compassion, tenderness, comfort and nourishment. Rose quartz balances yin-yang energy and can bring all of the other chakras into harmony and coherence with the heart.

Heart Chakra healing meditation track from Meditative Mind:

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