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Heart Centered Paradigm Shift

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The full moon in Leo falls at 11:33pm PST on February 8, 2020. Not only is this a full moon, but it is also a super moon, and is known as the Snow Moon. All full moons are powerful, but a super moon has even more oomph to it. This moon is ushering in major paradigm shifts and expansion of spiritual awareness and development. It is about becoming your own teacher and applying what you have previously learned. With the energy of Leo behind this moon, your heart, and the courage that enables you to express what resides therein is being propelled to the forefront.

New Moon in Pisces - Meditate and Contemplate: Although we are experiencing the full moon in Leo this card is pulling us into the energy of the new moon in Pisces which will be happening on February 23. This upcoming new moon is the most perceptive and intuitive of the year. Creativity and spirituality is heightened at this time. Combined with the Leo full moon, this period is all about the heart and expansion of emotional sensitivity. We are currently moving into a more heart-centered existence.

Intuition - With the energies of these two moons present in this reading intuition is amplified. TRUST WHAT YOU FEEL. Do not second guess yourself. Pay attention to your dreams and daydreams at this time. You may just get that split second of inspiration, or a warning you might have missed altogether. Your inner knowing is very powerful at this time.

Change of Mind - We are moving forward into a higher level of consciousness at this time and are being asked to view things from a higher perspective. The partition between the rational mind and the intuitive mind will begin to drop away, as the two work in tandem to bring a more unified and expanded understanding to your world.

Violet Flame - Your energy is now supported and protected more than ever before. We are coming up out of the darkness and birthing ourselves into higher, lighter frequencies of being. We will experience life changes with this move into heart-centered consciousness, and some may not be comfortable. Know that the violet flame is here to remind you that you are protected and supported during this period of transformation.

Up - The arrow depicted in the center of the card looks like a flow of energy moving into the heart. The color green, the color of the heart chakra, is highlighted right at the shoulders of the heart, and falling under the Change of Mind card it is showing us the literal move up into love. The upgrade that is available for all to receive at this time if they just surrender and allow it.

Overall we are experiencing a shift into higher frequencies of light and being where intuition and heart-centeredness are not only valued, but necessary. By becoming more heart-centered we are given the capacity to honor our own experience without imposing preconceived ideas on others. This gift liberates us from fear, the very thing that has been holding us back from our greatness all along.

Oracle Card Credits :

*Moonology by Yasmin Boland

*Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish

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