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Healing to Bring in Transformation

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The new moon in Aquarius falls at 1:41pm PST on January 24, 2020. All new moons are a time that ushers in fresh energy and allows for new starts to more easily flourish. After the heaviness of Capricorn season this Aquarius new moon will bring a slightly lighter energy which is about innovation and endless possibilities. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, helps to make transformations to the new, quick and relatively painless.

The Balsamic Moon - A Time for Healing (The Crown): When looking at the moon cycles the balsamic moon falls right before the new moon. (I really did shuffle these cards, they just chose to come out in order.) We are currently coming out of a time of healing. Letting go of all past hurts and traumas that were holding us back in order to move forward into a bright and beautiful future. Take time for self-care at this time, be kind and gentle with yourself as this period of healing comes to a close.

4 of Clubs - Portal for Past Lives: The image on this card looks like a fractal, a never-ending pattern repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Our wounds and traumas do not just have an origin in the present, but can sometimes follow us lifetime after lifetime, until we have finally learned the soul lesson they were meant to teach us. This card, as it shows up in the current reading with the Portal of the Healer and the New Moon card signifies that this is a card of expansion. The time is here to break out of this never-ending cycle of trauma and move forward into the light.

10 of Hearts - Portal for the Healer: Looking at the woman kneeling in this card with the brilliant light shining from her face, reflecting from the surface she is on, and the wavelengths moving out from her body, it is clear that her healing energy is affecting all those she comes in contact with. When you heal yourself it not only helps you, but it radiates outward and can also bring great healing and peace to all those you surround yourself with. At this moment your healing journey has come full circle. It is time to shine your beautiful light for all to see.

Myth of the Great Mother: The Great Mother energy is about nurturing what you love, namely yourself, so that you can be of service to yourself and others. This card tells us that at our core we are filled with the divine energy of love and light. We only need to recognize our divinity and let the world see it. You can and will be the light in the darkness.

New Moon - A New Start is Coming!: Although you may not be able to see it just yet, something new and exciting is in its early stages of development. Your wishes and desires have been heard and acknowledged, and the time to leave anything stagnant or toxic that has been draining your energy is now here. Take action and put your plans in motion. You are supported.

Overall Energy - Myth of Kaaos: The coils of the snake show the cyclical nature of this world. Much like The World card in the standard tarot deck, this card shows that you are at the end of your journey, ready to take the leap into a fresh new start of something more aligned to your heart and soul purpose. Something that will fill you with joy. Snakes shed their skin, all things change. Do not resist this change.

Oracle Card Credits:

*Moonology by Yasmin Boland

*Open Portals Playing Cards by James R. Eads

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