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Healing For India

As we continue to watch the health crisis in India deteriorate I thought it was important to send some healing energies their way. I remember last year when Coronavirus first started and the news was showing how it was isolated in China. Most people, including myself, assumed it would stay on that side of the world. Hopefully, in the last year we have come to the realization that what happens in one part of the world affects us all. We are all connected and our positive intentions and energies can change negative outcomes. I ask all of you to please send love, healing, white light, prayer, good thoughts, and any other positive energy you feel called to use to India now.

The above is a heart chakra mandala and contains crystal energies of bloodstone, rhodolite garnet, moss agate, and rainbow obsidian. I used this grid in a reiki session along with star anise and spruce essential oils and a Dhanvantri Maha Mantra track from Meditative Mind.

Bloodstone - Is a powerful immune stimulator, healer, and revitalizer. Bloodstone is a powerful stone of protection that grounds heart energy to increase compassion and encourage positive action for the highest outcome.

Rhodolite Garnet - An energizing and protective stone that opens the heart and inspires love. Brings courage and hope and is useful in crisis. Rhodolite garnet is good for the lungs, heart, blood, and regeneration of DNA.

Moss Agate - Encourages tranquility and brings physical, emotional, and intellectual balance. Moss agate is good for the lungs, specifically blockages causing difficulty breathing. Is anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system, and speeds up healing of illness and infections.

Rainbow Obsidian - Contains strongly protective properties, creating a shield against negative energies. Removes stress from the body. Good for detoxification, compassion, and strength.

Star Anise - Good for lung conditions. Contains sedative effects that help to calm the mind and body and encourages accelerated healing.

Spruce - Stimulates and fortifies the immune system, relieves respiratory tract infections, relieves inflammation, restores equilibrium and emotional balance, and helps to uplift the emotional body.

Dhanvantri Maha Mantra || 108 Times || Mantra for Good Health and Healing by Meditative Mind

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