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Stop and Listen - Full Super Moon in Virgo

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

If you are anything like me, you have experienced extreme ups and downs in the last few days, and maybe even shed some tears. The full super moon in Virgo fell at 19 degrees 37 minutes at 10:47am PST today. Just the numerology of the degree placement of this moon screams 'ending'. So it is no wonder that you might be experiencing emotional extremes. Virgo is the sign of worry and is also linked to health. At the same time we are having this super moon, Mercury has also gone stationary direct in Aquarius. Although communication is about to get back on track with the forward motion of Mercury it will not be quite up to par until the end of this month. If possible try to hold off on any life altering decisions, as you may not be too happy with your choices once the planetary aspects become more stable.

With the aspects I mentioned above the cards that came out for the collective energy reading this week are not terribly surprising. The overall message is asking that we take a pause to re-examine and really see things from a higher perspective before leaping forward with any action.

Hold Your Vision; Look at the Bigger Picture; Take Time to Breathe Out:

With Hold Your Vision we are being asked not to give into our negative thinking and fears. Just because something looks bleak and untenable at the moment does not mean you should completely give up on it. Maybe our idea just needs a little tweaking or some extra time to gain traction.

Look at the Bigger Picture is a clarion call from the universe that we need to pull back from our current situation and see it from a higher perspective. Have you ever seen one of those extreme close up photos in an art gallery where you look, and then look again at the object and no matter how hard you try you can not identify what it is? Then you read the card next to the photo with the description and cannot believe you could not see the truth of the object? When we become so obsessively focused on a problem many times we miss out on the solution which is right in front of us. Many times the solution is so simple too that we beat ourselves up over the fact that me missed it for so long. Like the picture that this card shows, slowly pull back the bow string and then see if you can shift your focus and find a different solution to your problem. It is there and it might just be hiding in plain sight.

Take Time to Breathe Out - This one seems pretty self explanatory. Although, I can tell you when people have told me 'Just Breathe' in the past, I really did want to smack them. In the moment when you are stressed, filled with anxiety, or just pushed to the limit,that is really the last piece of advice you want to hear. However, closing your eyes for a moment, taking that deep cleansing breath and just centering yourself can be so incredibly powerful. Those three little steps can stop you from flying off the handle and saying something which you later regret. It can also help you to feel just a little bit better and have the knowledge that things are okay, that you can get through this moment.


Is from the Latin root word for obedience. The original meaning of the word meant to listen and not turn away from the meaning. Do not back away from what you know deep within yourself to be true. Your intuition is not deceiving you. The dove of peace shown at the crown of the woman's head is showing that the universe is embracing you and providing a veil of protection and serenity. The universe is trying to show us that fear is only an illusion, but one, that if we do not step out of will pull us off our path temporarily. By taking that moment to breathe out and tune into our heart space, we are able to come back to our true spirit, and once again walk the path of our soul. When you are in a moment of anxiety try to imagine yourself bathed in the soft white healing light depicted in this card. Just a few moments of this image can help to calm the mind and bring you back to yourself.

Be gentle with yourselves this week. You really do know your true course already.

Oracle Card Credits:

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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