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Full Harvest Moon: Our Golden Harvest

The full Harvest Moon is falling almost at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Pisces is one of the oldest signs in the zodiac, and is the keeper of the hidden mysteries. The most emotional and intuitive of the water signs, Pisces is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Pisceans are known for their deep empathy and compassion for all things, and their expansive imagination and creativity. They are the original earth mothers and earth fathers of this planet with a deep connection to the rhythms and cycles of the earth. In order to have a continual abundant harvest we must embrace a deeper connection to our heart-centered nature and the heart of the earth. Now is the time to embrace the deep intuitive knowing of the fish, in order to create solutions to the crisis point we have plunged the earth into. Without a healthy planet nothing else matters.

Pachamama is the goddess of the earth revered by the people of the Andes. She oversees all aspects of the harvest and is embodied by the mountains, causing earth shifts and realignments when necessary. Pachamama is our earth mother. She provides an unending abundance when we show reverence and appreciation for her gifts and sacrifices, but will pull those gifts away without the appropriate consideration and care from us. Looking at this card I feel a sadness and resignation that she must put us into this moment of uncertainty and lack so we can truly recognize the gifts available to us. Pachamama works in conjunction with the Coyote - divine trickster, to bring about unexpected changes for our benefit. We are currently in a cycle of 'breaking down in order to break through'. Mother Earth will help us break down all the cycles that are not for her benefit or ours. How can we show our reverence for her today? When we truly show reverence for ourselves, we show reverence for her, as we are a part of her. Each action we take has an effect on the environment we live in. We are being called to be better stewards of the natural gifts that have been given to each of us. Pay attention to this moment now, do not think all outcomes reside in the future, as your present moment is calling in your tomorrow. What kind of tomorrow do you want to live? We must make adjustments if we want our tomorrows to be never-endingly abundant. Our earth mother can continue to provide for us if we only provide a bit of nourishment and care to her.

The reverberation of the drum calls to us to break through the fog and confusion within the smoky mirror and see with clarity the true reflection of our situation. The drum is the final wake-up call before the break-down is complete and we can start our reconstruction in earnest. Reconstruction has already begun for many of us, but cannot be truly stable until all of the broken-down rubble is cleared out. We need to reflect on our own practices in order to see what really needs to be re-worked and discarded in order to successfully rebuild our holy mountain. I am reminded of the famous story of the Golden Buddha. In 1957 a large clay buddha statue was being moved at a monastery in Thailand, in the process a crack was noticed in the statue through which a golden light was shining. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the statue was really solid gold, merely covered in clay to protect it from looters and thieves. Many of us have been hiding our shining lights out of fear of recrimination and ostracism. The drum is calling to us now to bravely reveal our buddha natures in order to change the trajectory of this planet.

The Coyote is bringing us divine detours now. Something unexpected and surprising is being brought forth now. This is the embodiment of the planet Uranus (the planet of surprises) in Taurus (the earth mother). We are invited to tap into the deep healing energies of the earth in order to anchor ourselves during this time of unexpected developments. For these surprises and changes are bringing us to the summit of our holy mountain. The holy mountain is not only a metaphor for this beautiful planet we call home, but is a sacred place that resides within each of us. We are invited to chip away at the clay that has been covering this most reverent place within, to reveal the brilliant shining temples that we truly are. For through this process, we heal not only ourselves, but Mother Nature too.

Oracle Card Credit:

*Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Collette Baron-Reid, & Marcela Lobos

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