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Diamonds and Pearls

This post was inspired by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Amanda Ellis. Over this past weekend she channeled Prince. I knew after watching her video that I was to use Prince's song 'Diamonds and Pearls' as a starting point for this post. I was directed to use cards from the two decks pictured above and find cards with images and or references to diamonds and pearls. Diamonds and pearls share a commonality in terms of how they come into being. Both are unfathomably beautiful, and yet, both are formed by force and unwanted circumstance. Without these conditions the beautiful and precious end products would never come into being. We are currently in the formation phase of our own precious jewels. Without the 'irritants' and pressure upon us we would never change our perspectives and create the new lives that have been waiting to be discovered by us. We have been given a unique opportunity, no matter how unwanted, to culture these precious jewels now.

35. Pearl of Sharro:

Sharro is a Tibetan word meaning to arise or manifest, additionally the number on this card reduces to an 8 when added together, which also speaks of inner-strength, manifestation, and abundance. Your internal soul fire has created and nurtured the pearl that is depicted at the base of the card. The most valuable, precious, and beautiful pearls are the ones that are created naturally over time, and are the most rare. The pearls that have manifested in this time of upheaval should be viewed as rare and precious objects of beauty. If you ever examine a fine natural pearl you will notice the beautiful iridescence that is a result of its host applying layer after layer of nacre to blunt the pain of the foreign irritant that was originally introduced. That iridescence reflects a rainbow of colors which appear as the pearl is moved in new directions. Through your resolve, courage, and determination you have been able to ascend into a higher spiritual awareness and reflect this beautiful spectrum of color back to the universe.

51. White - Purity and Innocence:

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man. As light moves through a diamond it is scattered and fractured. This splitting of light creates areas of both dark and light. The dark magnifies the intensity of the light, you cannot have one without the other. This period of hardship has served to increase the light, not only on this planet, but within each of us individually, and more fully expose the darkness that has been hidden from view. The white light produced by the diamond has provided a perfection and clarity to wash away everything, so that we can once again see our pure Diamond light within, honed through every experience we have been through.

10. New Dawn - Welcome Back:

Upon first view of this card the outline of the cave reminded me of an oyster shell, and the sun in the foreground had the shape and color of a completely formed luminescent pearl. Our journey of self-discovery is now complete if we choose to come out of the safety of the cave and into the brilliance of the light. Much like opening a mollusk shell to reveal the beautiful gem within, we are asked to share our 'precious jewels' that have been formed during this period of isolation. And let the world revel in our newly formed, and brilliantly shining selves. A 'new dawn' has officially begun.

Oracle Card Credits:

* White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild

* The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle by Amanda Ellis

For those of you interested in viewing the video that prompted this reading I have inserted the link below.

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