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Cancer New Moon - Coming Home to Yourself

Today at 6:16pm PDT we have the new moon in Cancer. Cancer is the sign of home and family, and being represented by the crab, is fiercely protective of that domain. Sometimes the crab's defenses can be to their detriment as they retreat within the safety of their shell and do not share their true selves with the world, but instead wear a mask, one tailored to the specific audience they happen to be in front of. Now is the time to drop the mask of protection and show the world the real you, to show yourself the real you. By coming home to ourselves we can heal all manner of wounds. We can recognize our beauty, abundance and our power. It will take determination. With this new moon we are given the opportunity for a new beginning in how we appreciate and see ourselves.

Fruition (37) and Body and Soul (5) -

The numbers in these two cards all reduce to five. The number 5 is all about change, personal freedom, individuality, progress, release and surrender. The woman in the Fruition card appears to be wearing a costume from a masquerade ball. While this costume may have elements that represent her inner traits, it is also a shield that protects her from true inquiry. We are urged to take off our costume, to know ourselves better, and to forge a new beginning with our understanding of self. To understand that the longings of our soul feed our body, they are inseparable. You cannot abuse your body without it affecting you at a deep soul level and you cannot expand spiritually without it affecting your physical vessel. The knowledge of this deep interconnectedness is what is bearing fruit now.

Beauty (20) and Great and Full (4) -

The combination of the numbers on these two cards reduces to 6. 6 is the number of balance, harmony, home, unconditional love, and integrity. Beauty is not just an aesthetic or something that lies on the surface. When we are living in authenticity it allows our inner fire to shine through. That fire can spark great things in those around us, whether it is motivation to take better care of themselves, or to try something new, or to expand kindness and joy. All of these effects lead to a more beautiful lens through which to view the world, which leads to greater harmony and balance. When we can start to appreciate the vast quantities of beauty that are around us on a daily basis it leads to an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the present moment. We must realize that we are enough right now in the present moment exactly as we are. WE ARE THE BEAUTY WE SEEK AND WE CAN FILL OUR CUP TO OVERFLOWING.

Will (13) and The Royal You (16) -

In the Will card our subject is again wearing a costume, presenting a false facade to the world. It is going to take a force of will in order to pull down that mask and face the brilliance of our inner light. This is our opportunity with this new moon, to acknowledge the true power we hold over our environment and that we are just as worthy as any other person. We are each here for a purpose and have an important part to play in this life. You are unique and no one else has your special gifts. It is a daily practice to remind yourself of your value and it requires effort and dedication. Everyone has self-doubt, but understand that the universe sees you through loving eyes and wants you to view yourself through that same lens.

Oracle Card Credits:

* Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

* Oracle of the 7 Energies by Colette Baron-Reid

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