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Blossoming Passions

Assessing and Doves -

With both of these cards sharing the '9' energy we are at the end of a cycle. We already know this to be true, and I have been writing about it for the last nine months. I find it interesting that this is the same length of time for a baby to come to term. We have all been going through our own types of gestation during this time. It has been a very trying and traumatic road to get to where we are currently, but we have cultivated our inner strength to manifest the end of this cycle of darkness. The Universe has been gently prodding us forward as we pushed through this period of deep introspection. Only through this assessment, through our shadow work, have we been able to make the changes necessary to rise up into higher consciousness.

Will and Ascension -

Again these two cards share the same numerological energy of the number '4'. 4 is all about stability and building a strong foundation. As we cycle out of the old energy and start to move forward we have used our force of will to build a much stronger foundation than what was shoring up the past. With our perseverance and resolve we have planted the seeds to usher in a time of greater compassion and love. Our 'ascension' has been accelerating over these last nine months and our consciousness has expanded exponentially. You can see it in the numbers of people who have come together in solidarity to call out not only the current injustices, but those of the past, and the compassion that has been demonstrated as some recognize the call to something greater than themselves. The push to make this world more egalitarian and inclusive. Yes it is a slow process, but it really is happening. You can feel the momentum building and the old ways of separation and exclusion are falling away as we rise higher.

Blossoming and Creation -

The master number '33' on the Blossoming card is a number that embodies expansion, broad-minded thinking, manifestation, compassion, bravery, and courage. Our time of assessment is finally complete. The moment of creation and opening are fully upon us. It is time to take action on any ideas that were conceived in our period of contemplation and reflection. New thoughts, ideas, and concepts are being put into motion all around us as we have our own creative breakthroughs. Each challenge has only been a test for us to really hone our creative problem solving. The universe is asking us to drop our fear around the new and untried and to really enjoy this blossoming of the new. Bring passion to your endeavors, share that passion with the world, for through that action the whole world blooms anew.

Oracle Card Credits:

*Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

*Path of the Soul Destiny Cards by Cheryl Lee Harnish

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