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Throat Chakra Healing – The End of Silence: Galvanizing for our Future

30 May 2022

Revised: 7 April 204

I have been planning to do this throat chakra healing session since January of 2022.  At first, I thought it was important to complete this healing during Aquarius season as that is the sign most associated with truth, clarity, and the humanitarian.  Then I felt another push to send this healing during the Spring Equinox as that is the season of Air, the element associated with the throat chakra.  Then once again with the mass shooting at Uvalde and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  With each new injustice I was outraged and wishing to do something to shift the energy. I thought I kept missing the opportunities that were presented to me, but as with all things, Divine Timing is never wrong.  I see now why I was forced to wait until now to share this healing.  The divine, healed, feminine energies that are rising in the collective now are at the point of no return.  They will no longer be kept quiet as their rights are stripped and their loved ones taken too early by unnecessary violence while inaction continues, and lies propagated as truth.  The time has come to use our collective voice to change all those things that have created such a toxic and unlivable set of circumstances.  Last night I heard ‘the mother’s wailing is a clarion call to change.’  Over two years ago, right before the start of the pandemic, one of my favorite spiritual teachers spoke about the rising of a ‘righteous anger’ in the divine feminine and how it would completely transform the world.  That righteous anger is a tool to be used now to clearly announce what we stand for, to clearly hear solutions, and to lean on each other in coordination to carry out the changes that are necessary to move forward in a more equitable and sustainable environment.

     My Guides finally gave me the nudge to bring this healing forward now, right before the Aires Super New Moon Eclipse while Chiron is exactly conjunct the Moon and Aires is stationed in the North Node, the path of our future.  Aires as the first sign of the zodiac represents the self, the I am.  Chiron, The Wounded Healer, in the sign of Aires and conjunct this moon, asks you to look at what deep wounds you have been carrying within, regarding not being heard and not speaking your heartfelt truth.  Those wounds are being triggered at this time, and may cause you to lash out, or finally reveal your truth to those who need to hear it.  Embracing and utilizing the truth of the self, will cultivate and expand the seeds of truth in the collective.

     Healing and bringing balance to the throat chakra now is of the utmost importance to change the destructive path we have been on for centuries. NO MORE HOLDING BACK, THE TIME HAS COME TO GALVANIZE.  I was directed to send the healing energies in this grid with Reiki, continuously, over the next six months until the Aires full moon on October 17, in an effort to provide healing for this key energy center. This healing is available to the entire collective if you choose to accept it.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) – Purification Through Expression

     In Sanskrit, Vishuddha means purity or purification.  In the Hindu tradition a closed throat chakra symbolizes death and decay while an open throat chakra has the power to transform negative experiences into wisdom and learning.  This chakra is associated with the element of Ether.  Ether is defined as a rarefied element believed to fill the upper reaches of space.  Texts also refer to it as the void.  Everything that we know sprang out of the void.  It is the purest place of creation, where ideas are formed and expressed.


     During this healing session I was shown a collection of images:

       At first, I saw a lotus bud breaking through the water and gently unfurling its light pink petals as the throat chakra was awakening.  Then I saw Archangel Raphael sitting off to the side of the healing table with an enormous, beautiful golden harp, gently plucking the strings, literally tuning our instruments for us.  The next image was Ganesha as a humble elephant, tenaciously clearing our path ahead, sweeping away all that would seek to impede this opening to our full truths.  Next, I was shown the Weaver gently pulling out all the webs and strands trapped within the throat chakra that have kept communication and expression blocked for so long.  After this clearing the throat chakra became a beautiful, brilliant, faceted, royal blue rotating jewel, with blinding blue rays pouring forth in all directions.  Finally, when the healing was complete the throat chakra became a beautiful, fully open blue lotus flower.


     As you might notice I have used some crystals in this grid frequently associated with the sacral chakra.  The throat chakra and the sacral chakra share a resonance as the sacral chakra is the seat of creation.  Without a fully functioning sacral chakra you will experience problems with self-expression and creativity.  Additionally, the deep orange crystals have an action-oriented energy associated with the sign of Aires and will put action behind any ideas or words that you speak into being.  

Palmarosa Oil -

     This essential oil helps to clarify thoughts and promote feelings of freedom and flexibility by calming and uplifting the emotions.

Red Aventurine -

     This is the stone of Aires, ruled by Mars.  It is a stone of action and energy.  It balances masculine and feminine energy, it inspires leadership, decisiveness, and creativity.  This stone guards against energetic vampirism of heart energy and unifies the intellectual and emotional bodies.

Carnelian -

     Restores vitality and motivation, empowers, and stimulates creativity. Calms anger, jealousy and envy. Promotes positive life choices, sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy and apathy

Caribbean Blue Calcite -

     This stone activates and opens one to inspiration and spiritual enlightenment.  It is a stone of great peace and calm and helps to aid communication.  It links both the throat and third eye chakra helping you to discern the truth and cut through negative thought patterns that have been keeping you immobile and inactive.  This stone is helpful during periods of transformation, change, and personal growth.

Lapis Lazuli -

     Lapis highlights the power of the spoken word and is known as the Royal Stone.  It brings deep inner self-knowledge allowing you to understand and clearly convey your personal truth with confidence and great integrity.  This stone releases anger and other emotional blockages from your throat chakra, allowing you the freedom to finally speak your truth.

Blue Lace Agate -

     Is a stone that helps facilitate the expression of spiritual and personal truth.  This crystal

 helps to neutralize the fear of rejection and judgement that often blocks self-expression.  It dissolves old patterns and counteracts mental stress.

"She Talks to Dragons: A Miracle Healing Journey" meditation track from The Sound Healers:

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