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Becoming Our Wild and Authentic Selves

Upper World 59; The Ghost Dance 22; The Crow 13:

The Upper World is the place where all divine beings reside including those who have recently transitioned from the physical plane. Those beings are sending down their love and assistance at this time. They are helping us to re-calibrate and move into the lives we are truly meant to live.

Honor those who are no longer embodied in the physical. In the non-physical only love remains. That love is encircling us when we allow it, asking us to step out of our old ancestral stories and wounding, and move into a deep peace by receiving the gifts they are bestowing by the unfolding of this massive upheaval. They are asking us to embrace this new beginning that is being laid before us.

The Crow brings truth and teaches us to put our words into action; to live your truth without judgement. We have the power to co-create with the universe when we live with integrity and purpose. The Crow brings the recognition that life holds magic and mysteries that we are just now discovering, moving into our destiny. The universe is asking us to embrace our true destinies at this time and not fall back on old patterns and comfortable routines. It is time to take that quantum leap forward into our true souls purpose and write a new story.

The Heart of the Sky 24; The Beloved 5; The Medicine Wheel 35:

Our departed send down their love to us and ask us to recognize the gift that lies within this tragedy. Learn through the path of love. Live in love. For too long the world has lived in a mindset of ego and fear which has stifled our natural compassionate natures. We have lived separate and apart from others and the natural world. The Medicine Wheel is asking us to honor all of the 'directions', in order to heal what has been broken by our tunnel vision. This massive earth 'healing' is about to bring us back to ourselves and our truths. There is no hiding from this now. We need to be open to see all sides, not just our version of the truth.

The Blade 6; The Andean Cross 2; Wild Woman 62:

The first thing I noticed upon laying out these cards was this row showed a progression of numbers; 6, 2, and 62 a blending of the first two numbers. The images as I viewed them showed a union between The Blade (the masculine) and The Andean Cross (the feminine) to birth the Wild Woman, the pure, unfettered version of the Divine Feminine. The masculine and feminine energies are combining now to bring forth a rejuvenated and stronger Divine Feminine power. The Blade will support you in claiming your power and cutting away fear and confusion. The Andean Cross much like the Medicine Wheel draws our attention to the four directions and the importance of honoring what all sides have to share. The Andean Cross is the gateway to our new world. The true union of the blade and the cross means we make a clean break from the toxicity of the past to recognize a deeper compassion for all, and a freedom to explore new ways of being. This union allows a great unsheathing of and explosion of light, here to for hidden from view. This is our opportunity now to authentically move forward and seize moments of pure magic, to manifest all we have ever wanted to be. Let your light shine for all to see! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF BEING THE REAL YOU!

Oracle Card Credit:

Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos

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