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Thunder Moon - Cracking Open the Mask

On July 23, 2021 we will experience the first of two consecutive full moons in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of innovation, non-conformity, social consciousness, fidelity, and the higher mind. Aquarians are the rebels with a cause. This moon is falling within the first degree of Aquarius and will allow us an entire month to utilize this energy of change through expansion. This moon is also known as the Thunder Moon as this is the time of year when summer thunderstorms roll through the landscape. Thunder is caused by the rapid expansion of air surrounding the path of a lightning bolt. This brings to mind one of my favorite songs by Imagine Dragons, 'Thunder'. For a while this song was my anthem, and I suppose in a way it still is. My favorite line from this song is 'I was lightning, before the thunder'. This full moon is all about letting the lightning illuminate your authentic self, your true path, and then ripping away the mask that has stopped you from following that path. We can no longer 'be the person' we are expected to be. It is time to be the people we were meant to be. This is not always a comfortable process, but then again expansion never is.

Show the World the Real You & Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

I spoke of this briefly in my last reading, but to reiterate the point, now is the time to come out of your shell and drop the mask you show to the world. While it can be comfortable to wear a mask, or persona to fit in, it is confining and exhausting to constantly gauge your behavior and your personality based on what audience you happen to be engaging with. Being in this box does not allow for expansion, creativity, growth and innovation, but can lead to stagnation and decay. It is time to release the ideal that there is something we need to live up to. Being ourselves is what we came here for. We are each unique, and that uniqueness is what creates the crazy quilt of consciousness. The north node is our point of karma. The changes and expansion that we are experiencing now were fated and cannot be stopped. Resisting will only make this expansion more difficult than is necessary. Now is the time to try something new, do your old routine in a new way, sign up for that class you have always talked about, do that thing you have talked about for years, but you find scary. That fear is often unfounded and conquering it can lead to soul alteration and expansion. It can lead to freedom.

Portal for the Unraveling; Portal for Patterns; Myth of Kuzo:

The patterns that we have existed within are now unraveling. This is no accident. Though the patterns are well known to us there are places within the matrix that have become worn down and broken. Now is the time blow away the cobwebs and debris that have collected in these patterns and to create a new design, not only in our lives, but on a larger scale within the world as well. Patterns can be beautiful, but they can also trap us like a maze, and block our vision. It is time to move out of the maze and view the new dawn that is clearly on the horizon. Embrace this new beginning.

Kuzo was the first spirit in existence, as such we are being asked to embody his energy and take a new, unworn path. You can see on the path that he walks his feet stir up a beautiful glowing light and his arms are spread wide open embracing the unknown. This reminds me of the phenomenon that occurs in beach sand at night during red tide. When the sand is disturbed, there is this beautiful bright blue glow that is emitted from the dinoflagellates present. If you have ever seen this in person it is magical, it will make you heady like a child. We need to embrace Kuzo's energy, and appreciate the magic in the new beginnings that are here for us now. It is time to unravel our unhealthy and false patterns and embrace the novelty of being our true selves. The authenticity that we embrace and present to the world is far more attractive than the false facade that we present to fit in.

Imagine Dragons - Thunder

Oracle Card Credits:

*Moonology by Yasmin Boland

*Open Portals Playing Cards by James R. Eads

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