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Beauty Exalts Our Redemption

Having just experienced the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer at zero degrees this is an extremely powerful time for new beginnings. The universe will not allow us to wallow in the dark any longer, but is pushing us forward into the glowing sunlight to embrace this powerful time of positive change, of heart strengthening. The sign of Cancer is all about the home, not just your physical home, but your true home, the heart. To know your own heart and live within and through that energy has been the purpose of the journey into the darkness. The next new moon in July will also be in the sign of Cancer so there will be no return to how things were in the past. Heart centered ideals and paradigms are here to stay.

The Void & Beginnings (The Root):

Our time in the void is just about complete as we come to the portal gate of new beginnings. Our eyes have adjusted to the darkness and we have peered into our shadows. We have discovered the ideas, concepts, patterns, and fears that needed to be relegated to the dust bin in order to move through the doorway to new earth. Moving beyond these outdated and negative concepts moves us into vibrancy, color, light, joy, and peace; a wholly new way of being and perceiving. Redeeming us to move beyond the injustices and sorrow of the past.

Realisation, Blossoming, & Trust (The Heart):

The doorway/portal is echoed in the Realisation card, only this time we are depicted as having walked through the keyhole with the light shining down upon us. Again coming out of the darkness and into the color and light. We have received crystal clear clarity on what has been hidden and buried in order to release our self-deception. This clarity is allowing us to come into a full blossoming of our gifts. When flowers first bloom they are at the height of their beauty and fragrance and with these gifts they draw us in. The universe is asking us not to worry about the extra attention we might be receiving at this time as we have been safely guarded and protected. The universe pulls us in close to her breast and reassures us that it is safe to fully display the dreams, wishes, and ideals within our hearts. By allowing this blossoming we increase the beauty, light, and understanding on this planet.

Release (The Crown):

Although the title of this card is Release, what I see are many beautiful gifts being bestowed on us from the universe. Beauty is defined as giving intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, an exaltation of the mind or spirit. The butterflies depicted in this card are heading toward us. They have just completed a massive transformation and they are coming to bring us light, beauty, strength and knowledge. As we release, we receive so many gifts. The sparkling star light is surrounding us in protection and love. These gifts are allowing us to fully open to our true power and purpose, to strengthen our hearts, and to share our light with the collective. The woman in this card is no longer afraid, she is confident, powerful, and at peace with her role in this grand performance. We are here now, embrace it and receive your gifts.

Oracle Card Credit:

* Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

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