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WALK IN BEAUTY - Reiki Charged Personal Essential Oil & Genuine Crystal/Gemstone Blend (Roll On) 10 mL Bottle

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Walk in Beauty

Beauty can heal the most broken among us, and when you really look for beauty you start to see it in everything. My Walk in Beauty essential oil blend was created with the intention to help the wearer increase not only their appreciation of beauty, but to recognize it within themselves first and foremost. The appreciation of beauty in all of its forms helps to expand joy and happiness and lift up and nourish the spirit.

Ingredients: Organic sunflower seed oil, helichrysum essential oil, bergamot essential oil,
neroli essential oil, jasmine absolute oil, yellow jade, and black welo opal crystals.

Yellow Jade purifies the energies of the heart, enhances the energy of love, and brings joy and
happiness. It instills optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, and intellect.

Black Welo Opal opens the mind to new hope and wishes, inspires passion, inspiration and joy.

Helichrysum essential oil has a sweet, floral, fragrance that uplifts the mood and promotes
compassion for the self.

Bergamot essential oil encourages the release of negative emotions that distort perception, equalizes emotions and moods, and quells fear, anxiety, and panic.

Neroli essential oil is one of the best oils to induce joy and happiness.

Jasmine absolute oil balances moods and lifts the spirits, dissolves emotional blocks, inspires
artistic expression and awakens intuition.

All essential oil blends are Reiki charged/programmed to increase effectiveness.
Gently shake 2-3 times before applying. Oil blend is not suitable for use in essential oil diffusers or for human consumption. 10 reusable recycled paper perfume sticks are included with your order for use as aromatherapy diffusers if you do not wish to use this blend directly on your skin.

NOTE - Oracle cards shown are not included.

Credits - Oracle Cards Pictured:
Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

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