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Reiki Charged Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) Charm Gemstone & Lava Stone Bracelet (Fits wrists up to 6.75")

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Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) – Divine Connection
Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Black Lava Stone.
I created this bracelet to help bring balance to the crown chakra. The crown chakra
is the home of our connection to source energy, and the realm of the higher mind.
The crown chakra helps us to see the bigger picture and feel a deep connection with
all that is. An unbalanced crown chakra can express itself through learning disabilities, depression and feelings of isolation, lack of inspiration, spiritual crisis, and obsession or addiction to spiritual or intellectual practices.
Clear Quartz – Brings the body into balance and aligns the aura, attunes the wearer to
their spiritual purpose.
Amethyst – Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, enhances metaphysical abilities, and assists integration of new ideas by creating clarity of mind.
Selenite – Clears confusion and helps in seeing the bigger picture, facilitates connection to higher planes of consciousness, and instills a deep sense of peace.
Black Lava Stone – Is a grounding stone that strengthens the connection to Mother Earth.
All bracelets have been cleansed with white sage smoke and reiki charged/programmed. This bracelet can be worn, can be held in the non-dominant hand during meditation, or placed directly on the affected chakra for at least 15 minutes.
All my handmade bracelets are strung on super durable Pepperell Stretch Magic Cord for years of wearable enjoyment!
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