JUST BREATHE - Reiki Charged Personal Essential Oil & Genuine Crystal/Gemstone Blend (Roll On) 10 mL Bottle

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My Just Breathe essential oil blend was created to help ease tension, stress, and exhaustion
from overwork. Use this blend to help rebalance your emotions and create a sense of peace.

Ingredients: Organic sunflower seed oil, roman chamomile essential oil, organic lavender essential oil,
peru balsam essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, botswana agate, picture jasper and red
jasper crystals.

Botswana Agate protects the aura from negative energies and is a grounding stone with a
powerful cleansing effect bringing balance to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
Picture Jasper promotes a sense of comfort and harmony, and alleviates fear.
Red Jasper lends support during times of stress and is excellent for calming emotion.
Roman Chamomile essential oil is supremely calming and relaxing and greatly reduces the
emotional charge created by negative emotions.
Lavender essential oil balances emotional extremes, soothes and relaxes the mind, and
promotes mental and physical well being.
Peru Balsam essential oil soothes nerves, anxiety and stress, and promotes emotional well being.
Lemongrass essential oil balances the nervous system, promotes a sense of calm, and uplifts mood.
All essential oil blends are Reiki charged/programmed to increase effectiveness.
Gently shake 2-3 times before applying. Oil blend is not suitable for use in essential oil diffusers or for human consumption.
10 reusable recycled paper perfume sticks are included with your order for use as aromatherapy diffusers if you do not wish to use this blend directly on your skin.

NOTE - Tarot and/or Oracle cards shown are not included.

Credits - Oracle Cards Pictured:

Moonology by Yasmin Boland

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DISCLAIMER: Reiki is a complementary energy modality and should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.  Always seek the advice of a medical professional for issues and challenges.  Since everyone’s energy is different, results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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