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Aquarius Full Moon - Defying Tradition to Manifest Our Abundance

This is the second Aquarius full moon in a row, and is falling in what is known as the anaretic degree of Aquarius. The anaretic degree is the final degree (29th degree) before the moon moves into the next sign of the zodiac, and signals the end of a cycle, as we move forward into a new era. Whenever a planet or heavenly body is sitting in the anaretic degree of a sign it displays the most powerful and concentrated energies of that sign. Aquarius is the sign of innovation, non-conformity, social consciousness, humanitarianism, fidelity, and the higher mind. The events that have recently transpired around the world are stretching the limits of our collective compassion and empathy, and are highlighting both the light and shadow sides of this sign. It is our choice how we choose to react to these events however, kindness and compassion will always move us forward more quickly than hard-hearted indifference. These events may not be playing out for you at a personal level, but they still ultimately influence your environment. It is time to recognize the abundance that surrounds each of us, to give gratitude for it, and to share the gift of our abundance with others when our cup is overflowing. It's hard to have a party with just one person, but when you distribute that overflowing cup to others there is a celebration to be had by the whole.

Defying Gravity: Reishi & Faith (31) -

Reishi, also known as "the mushroom of immortality," grows in a ladder formation, up the base of older trees, and is extremely rare in its natural form. This fungi is exceedingly sturdy, creating what appear to be small shelves on the tree trunks that it inhabits. These 'mushrooms' appear to float effortlessly in space in their never-ending climb to the heavens. We can view them as a bridge between heaven and earth, an example of what can be achieved when we harness our inner strength, trust our instincts, and have faith that by pushing forward and reaching higher, we will eventually break through to attain a much higher perspective. As we embrace the call to higher service that benefits the collective as opposed to individual only, we strengthen our connection to all that is.

The number 31 on the Faith card breaks down to a 4. The number 4 speaks of stability, security, patience, and pragmatism. This is calling to mind the energies of the Four of Pentacles in the tarot. Read in a positive light, this card is about stability and security, but read in the reverse, this card is about hoarding and greediness. We must have faith now that there are enough resources to be shared. Sharing resources does not deplete our supply. We must understand that there is always enough. Have faith that the universe is lining up exactly what we need, by sharing our resources instead of hoarding them we live a more heart-centered existence, one that recognizes we are all deserving. When we help others, we ultimately help ourselves. When one person lives in a world of lack, we all live in a world of lack. The abundance is there, we need to have faith, and a vision that it will manifest in time.

Spirit Into Matter: Trillium & Abundance (38) -

Trillium is also known as Birth Root, and the three petals of the white flowers represent the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, but also the body, mind, and spirit. Trillium grows on the forest floor, incubating in the leaf and moss cover until just the right moment to sprout. The divine feminine has been watching from the shadows for a very long time, and is now, finally coming to the fore. If you look you can see it everywhere. There is more compassion and empathy for all, a need to not only recognize, but repair past injustices, a desire for a softer, more benevolent, and conscious way of operating on this planet. We must envision our new way of being, fully formed and alive in this world now. This great effort of will to push forward with this more compassionate way of being is what will bring to a close the toxic energies we have endured for so long. This is not the dying of the light, but the dying of the darkness. This process is painful, but be assured all births are, and we can push through the trauma of this process to the joy on the other side.

Oracle Card Credits:

*The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards by Maia Toll

*Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco

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