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Afghanistan - Healing the Divine Feminine

It has been pretty hard to watch the heart wrenching scenes on the news in the last week as the political turmoil has unraveled in Afghanistan. One interview I saw last week with a female doctor, standing online at the Kabul airport, trying to leave the country, and detailing the freedoms and life she was about to lose as the Taliban took over broke my heart. Many of the women and girls of Afghanistan have experienced a gain in freedoms over the last twenty years, ones that the Taliban will be hard pressed to remove completely. The younger generation, just now coming into their prime will be gathering their strength for the fight that lays ahead. The memory of freedom and equality cannot be ripped away so easily and the qualities of the divine feminine are rising within now.

As a small gesture I wanted to send some love and healing energy to all of the people affected by the turmoil in Afghanistan. I have used the energies in the crystal grid pictured above, along with coriander essential oil, and Sufi meditation music. These energies are being sent continuously for the next 333 days. If you know anyone who could benefit from these healing energies, please forward this grid on.

Red -

When I first started setting up this grid, I knew I had to use this brick red scarf. Red is the color of blood, which gives us life. It is the foundation of everything. Women lose this blood each month and with it a chance to cultivate a new life and change the world. Women give the gift of life to the world, but it is feared in many cultures. That which is feared has great power. The seed of that power has been nourished over the last two decades and will grow into an abundant harvest.

Sri Yantra Grid -

The base of this crystal grid is the Sri Yantra sacred geometry which consists of nine interlocking triangles, four northward pointing triangles representing the divine masculine energy and five southward pointing triangles that represent the divine feminine energy. Four is the number of balance and stability, five is the number of change, adaptability, and vision, and the number nine represents divine completion, spiritual enlightenment, and inner-wisdom. This mandala represents the union of these two opposite yet equal energies to create a unified whole consciousness. Yantra translates as 'to receive.' The Sri Yantra helps to calm and clear the mind in order to awaken us to unexpected flashes of insight, wisdom, and brilliance.

Easter Lily -

When I was sending this healing, I saw each person encased in a closed Easter Lily just getting ready to bloom. The lily, especially the white lily is associated with multiple goddesses including Ishtar (the goddess of love and fertility), Hera, Venus, and, in Christianity, with Mother Mary. The lily symbolizes purity, rebirth, renewal, and resurrection. This image felt like the healing embrace of a beloved mother figure cradling the recipient through their pain and trauma. She will hold you as long as you need, and will only open when you are ready to emerge.

Coriander -

This plant is indigenous to Morocco and the Middle East which is probably why I was drawn to use it for this healing. It is one of the world's oldest known flavorings and has been cultivated for over 3,000 years. Coriander is known as the 'herb of immortality,' and is a hardy plant in the carrot family that re-sows itself to come back over and over again. Coriander oil reduces worries, helps to provide a sense of security and stability, offers comfort in times of emotional shock or fear, uplifts the spirit, and sharpens the mind.

Aquamarine -

This stone shields the aura and promotes higher levels of consciousness which encourage humanitarianism and altruism. Aquamarine calms and quiets the mind. reducing stress, anxiety, and fear.

Rhodochrosite -

This stone opens the heart promoting selfless love and compassion. It helps to heal self-worth wounding and negative beliefs leading to emotional release and healing.

Amazonite -

Releases grief from the emotional body allowing a lightening to occur that leads to full expression of the self. Clears worry, fear and anxiety.

Pyrite -

Pyrite was referred to by the Greeks as the ‘firestone’, known for its ability as a sparking stone, it was believed to hold fire in its core. Pyrite creates a positive outlook and is excellent for blocking out negative energies and shielding the aura and physical body. This stone is helpful for repairing toxic masculinity, and balances instinct with intuition.

Clear Quartz Crystal -

Clear Quartz is an extremely powerful energy healing and energy amplifying stone that acts as a deep soul cleanser.

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